COVID-19 virus has encouraged all the State Premiers to lock down their respective States for their citizen safety. As the virus is increasing in a multiplication of 25 percent in NSW, the Premiers have imposed restrictions on people gathering, social activities and traveling. Especially, senior citizens above 60 years are requested to remain inside their house. The emergency shut down have been laid for an indefinite time period, so how can senior citizen utilize this time period?

When people think of wellness and beauty, they immediately think of diet plans and good workouts. So, when we think about the creative activity, what strikes inside us is our unattained hobby and left out passion.

Hobbies and passion are essential for every age, as it encourages self-expression. Being creative provide opportunities to try out new ideas and discover new ways of thinking.

Research has stated that people involved in the creative process tend to show better signs of mental health and gain more sense of freedom.

Creativity involves no right or wrongdoings. When senior age groups involved in a creative activity it increases their engagement and brings out a more creative side. They become more expressive and happier.

So, an aged caretaker in Sydney can utilize the COVID-19 shutdown in a more creative manner. As the senior citizens are restricted from moving around, we believe the aged caretaker can explore the more creative side of their patient.

Studies suggest that connecting with others, continuing to learn, and engaging all the senses can activate your brain. This habit significantly aims to improve the quality of life of the person, especially when mobility begins to decline. So, during the emergency shutdown, the caretakers can encourage elderly people to explore what they feel passionate about.


Activities for senior people during COVID-19 emergency shut down

Design a planter box – Gardening is a great way to get close to nature. The caretaker can encourage indoor plantation activities. On can use their own hands or gardening tools to cultivate.

What do you need?

  • A planter box
  • Good quality soil
  • Herbs and flower
  • Paintbrush and paints



–           Once the right plants are selected you can fill in the flowerpots with soil.

–           Dig small holes to fit in plants, but make sure to leave enough space for each individual flower to grow.

–           Once all the plants are in, fill the rest of the planter box with soil and gently pat it down.

–           Water the plants and place them in the sunny corner of the room.


Create a customized art

Make the planter box unique and attractive. You can use chalk paints to decorate as these paints dry out quickly.


Arts & craft ideas for the elderly

weather it’s learning a new craft or giving continuation to one’s favorite hobby. Most arts and crafts should modify so that the elderly people with a physical limitation can still enjoy.


Getting crafty with ceramics

The ceramic project only needs a few attention. It requires light painting, sanding, rewarding in a beautiful finish. Research states that ceramics actually combat depressive symptoms. This actually makes them feel good. Ceramics can actually be done in a comfortable position and are also suitable for the elderly in a wheelchair.


Scrapbook as a memory book

Scrapbooking is a great way to bring back family memories. These memories and images can later be shared with the family members. To prepare a beautiful scrap book one needs:

  • A scrap template or a large notebook.
  • Photographs or images of favorite memories.
  • Double-sided tape and glue stick
  • Glitter pen
  • Glitter glue
  • Sketch pen, colors, crayons
  • Additional decorative

The scrap bookmaking process is personal. So, you can take the time to highlight your favorite memories. The project may look simple but when brainstorming a few of the favorite memories, the entire process becomes complex and time taking. You can have the senior member’s close family member to join the team. By doing so one can spend quality time and put the pages together.

Puzzle Activity for senior citizen

Most of the elderly people prefer engaging in playing games. In the market, there is a large number of companies that offer a wide selection of games and puzzles suitable for elderly people. The puzzle game can be enjoyed by seniors with low vision, physical limitations or arthritis.


Fun game options

While many of the elderly people enjoy playing traditional games like bingo, or bridge, there are few who prefer to play the traditional game board or mind games.

The other half are willing to take up a puzzle game.  These puzzle games can be worked alone, or jointly. Happy and active social life lowers the level of the inflammatory factors.


Reading their favorite books

A quiet corner with their favorite book in hand would be a real treat for the senior citizen. If the older adults are visually impaired or facing certain disabilities, then the caretaker can read from them.

Watching good movies or documentaries

Regardless of age, everyone wants to have fun. During the emergency lockout in Australia, the senior members can enjoy watching good inspiring movies or documentaries. They can enjoy a good meal and watch movies or series.

As the Australian Government has made emergency shut down for no confinement period, the caretaker can carefully plan out their days. As COVID-19 is brutally affecting the senior citizen the caretaker must take extra precaution. Caregivers can coordinate with the doctors and accordingly plan the food menu and activity menu.

Wise Choice in Home Care service is available on state emergency too. If you are busy with the assignment and worried about your senior parents, we can be an extra pair of hands to help you. We shall assist your parents in domestic and personal day to day activities. While you are concentrating on your official work, we shall be helping the older members of the family.

For aged care service or NDIS service in Australia contact us! Our staff is readily available to help you and your family in this emergency situation.