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Caring the elderly parents affect the job of workforce!

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We endurably take our employment seriously but, in the meantime, our parents are always important to us. But the job we have taken is to make our parents’ lives easier by providing them with a safer home and nutritious food. On a regular day, we would come back home, prepare dinner and enjoy family time for an hour or two. However, not all days become regular ones. There are times when your parents fall seriously ill and then and there, you frequently take them to the hospital for frequent check-ups.


The to-and-fro movement and stress build-ups from office work can seriously injure you mentally. Neither can we concentrate on the work nor on the family members. Perhaps a high amount of stress is more likely to engage the non-caregivers in health-risk behaviour. So how can we take care of elderly parents without affecting the job?


Balancing Act: Expert Tips for Juggling Elderly Care and Your Job

Discover effective strategies and expert tips for maintaining a harmonious balance between caring for elderly parents and excelling in your job.


Well, the Australian community, in order to sustain a daily living, must work. Though the Federal Government of Australia has offered funds for aged care people, one still is not aware of the procedures to apply for the elderly funds.


You must understand that nothing can be done single-handedly. Especially when you are an employed person. You need to learn to seek help! If you try to take everything into your court, you end up messing up everything, so taking assistance from Wise Choice in Home Care can relieve your stress.


The types of care offered by the home care service providers in Sydney are personal assistance (dressing, bathing, cleaning, feeding), domestic help ( cooking, cleaning, shopping, aiding, managing medications, handling finance, providing transportation), mental and physical aid by making them participate in community activities, taking them for morning walks or engaging them in physical activities or assisting them in to meet their family members are some of the services, dedicated by the home care service provider.


The High Impact of caregiving on the employment


It’s been highly known that people who are living with their aged parents deal with an ample amount of stress and suffer from rigorous tensions. Poor sleep, anxiety, and minimum personal time are just a few illustrations that the employment holder face. For the working Australian citizen, the demands for the caregiver are high and even worst. They have a domino effect on the workplace, which ultimately affects the revenue of the company. This results in a more ideal time and reduced productivity.


A survey forecasted by Ryerson University has highlighted the impact of caregiving on aging parents and its effect on work.


• More than 1 in 6 Australians working full-time or part-time report assisting with the care of disabled and aged family members, friends or relatives. Caregivers working for at least 12 hours per week indicated that the assistance significantly affected their work life.


• The Australian caregivers fall into a diverse population. Between 13% to 22% of workers are juggling between being employed and caring to give. 20% of the caregivers are middle-aged and 10% are aged between 18-28 years (2013, Australian Well-being Index).


• 58% of the caregivers are full-time workers. While 15% of the workers work between 30 and 39 hours, and 23% work for less than 25 hours. On average, the caregivers work for nearly 40 hours a week.


Holding a job and taking care of disabled family members is challenging, as you are asked to balance your personal and professional life, which demands more energy and time. As the population starts to age, most of the family members in Australia have started to take help from professional caregivers.
According to the study, 42 per cent of working Australian has taken help from caregivers in the last 5 years. The average age of caregivers in Australia is 45 years.


Working for Age Care – The career is on a standby


It’s important to evaluate the present status of your parent’s living conditions and understand how we can meet up with their daily needs, including their safety, isolation and eating habits. Most employers understand the situation and understand the responsibility toward elderly people. Many of the companies even offer onsite parent assistance, offer medical allowances, and benefits.

But the other half are too concerned about the profits of the company. They are more likely to terminate your employment service for your absence and unproductive work.


Building a Stronger Support Network: Empowering Care for Your Aging Parents

Discover the benefits of building a strong support network, including home care service providers like Wise Choice in Home Care, to ensure quality care for your aging parents while preserving your professional commitments.

So how can you take care of your parents and job at the same time? Primarily make your employer understand the situation, as it’s you who are responsible for the elderly care obligation. Being honest often may help to reduce job-related anxieties. Move forward for your employer’s support, such as flexible work arrangements or an employee assistance program. Share the responsibilities with your co-workers or find out the nearest caregiver who is helpful and ready for your parent’s assistance.


Search online for the nearest caregiver in Sydney!


Wise Choice in Home Care service offers caregiving services to aged and elderly people. The objective of the establishment of Wise Choice was to release the stress of the working adult. While the energetic family members are working for a living, we are here to take care of their parents. We have several aged care packages available for senior citizens in Sydney. We even offer care service on an hourly basis or for a day. Whether you have an urgent meeting or a seminar you must attend for a day or two, you can call us to take our service.


To know more about the service package, contact us!

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