Why family caregivers need to know about emotional changes? It’s simple if you do it right!!

Tue Feb 11, 2020

Many of us believe that the bitter feeling that we receive from taking care of elder citizens like anger and hindrance are bad and the love and satisfaction that we get from taking care of them is good. But, in fact there are no such things as good and bad emotions while taking care of […]


6 Assistive Technology for the people suffering with Dementia!

Fri Dec 27, 2019

Dementia is one of those disease which is incurable. Which means people suffering from dementia must forever live with the symptoms. The disease can be frightening for both the loved ones and care givers living with the disease. However, the advancement in technology can ease the anxiety and establish routine to improve the quality life […]


Different level of Home Care Packages available in Australia

Thu Nov 14, 2019

Home care packages are available in four levels. These packages are framed to meet the requirements of individual personal circumstances on daily basis. On the aged care assessment, the examiner shall fluently discuss the present status of need and determine the best suited level to cope with the demand. The level of home care package […]


How is assessment done for the home care packages?

Thu Nov 7, 2019

Eligibility! Eligible! This what the agency says. But how exactly is assessment done for the home care packages. After face to face assessment, the care center shall send you a letter containing; the assessment decision- confirming your eligibility of the home care package. if eligible, the level of package you have selected must be approved. […]


Cost of Home Care Packages in Sydney

Fri Sep 27, 2019

Preparing home care packages relatively makes, both the buyer and seller easy. A greater choice of freedom, flexibility and choice. By doing, so the user gets to access the wider range of service, by maintaining the independence. Wise Choice in Home Care design the care program to live the way under the budget with an […]