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Preparing home care packages is relative and makes it easy for both the buyer and seller. A greater choice of freedom, flexibility and choice. By doing so, the user gets to access a wider range of services by maintaining independence.

Wise Choice in Home Care designs the care program to live the way under the budget with an added choice of support and support plus options.


The Actual Cost of Home Care Packages

The cost varies and depends on the types of service you need.  Basically, the pickers are given 4 levels of care within the home care packages program. Everyone applying for the package before finalizing is assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team to identify the eligibility for the needed level of care.

Each package level has a different amount of funding. The Australian Government pays such funding to the home care service provider. Together, we shall coordinate with you and decide on the use of funds to make a wise investment.

The higher level of care or support you need, the more funding you will be needing from the Australian Government.  But before that, depending on the income, you might need to contribute a certain portion of the cost of the package.


The total amount of the Home Care Package

If you are eligible for the home care package, then relax; the Government shall provide the service in the form of subsidies. This makes the overall package affordable and reachable.

The total exact amount of the home care package is made up of;

  • Your contribution (the fees you shall be asked to pay by the Government)
  • The Australian Government Subsidy

The fund comprises care services and management costs. All the clients are responsible for the costs of the home care services. Fortnightly invoice details of the services taken are sent in electronic form.


Government-funded home care packages in Sydney

The government fund changes every year; in fact, it increases. The government’s contribution is directly paid to the home care service provider. Don’t worry. This fund won’t affect the pension as it won’t be counted as your pension.

Home Care Package ServiceService charges leviedLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Home Care Package fundingAnnually$8,750$15,250$33,500$50,750
Home Care Package fundingPer fortnight$330$590$1,290$1,960
Basic daily fees to be paid by youPer fortnight$ depends on the service provider$depends on the service provider$depends on the service provider$ depends on the service provider


Levels of Home Care Packages in Sydney

The ACAT team shall assess and determine the level suitable for you based on that level mentioned;

Level 1: Home care level 1 is the basic level. This can be availed by those who are searching for ways to live independently but need assistance. The Australian Government Funds up to $8,250 value.

For example, if you have suffered from illness or injury, this level works as a helping hand. This includes washing, cleaning, gardening and other domestic support.

Level 2: Home care level 2 is suitable for low-level care. It is ideal for those who want support during travelling, health support, gardening, and installing rails and ramps. The value of this package, as per the Australian Government, is up to $15,000.

Level 3: Home care level 3 offers an intermediate level of support. This covers social support, treatment support, health support and travelling. The Australian government for the third level is up to $33,000.

Level 4: This includes a higher level of care, including private and personal. It includes visiting clients on a daily basis, supporting them in transportation, community activities and more. The level 4 package is suitable for patients suffering from dementia. For this package, the Government funds up to $50,200.


Steps to get a proper Home Care Package

If you are interested in getting a proper home care package for your loved ones, then four steps are involved;

#1. Learn about the different kinds of aged care: Just starting off the aged care journey, find out the home care service packages that are available to help you stay inside the home.

#2. Get assessed: Get a look at the services available and find out the eligibility. Read through the assessment process and procedures. Before getting the home care package, you shall be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). ACAT is a health and community care clinician who shall visit you to assess your daily living and determine the funding program that is correct for you.

#3. Find out the right service provider:  After the assessment, you are all ready to find a provider and generate new services.

#4. Manage your services: If you are receiving the services and want to check the received services or change the services, then you can move on.


What fees must an individual pay for the home care service?

Your contribution is made up of basic daily fees, income-tested care fees and additional fees.

  • Basic Daily Fee: These are set by the government. Till 2019, June, the basic daily fee for the Homecare Package is 17.5 % of the single pension rate. The single rate for pension is $843.60 per fortnight, which means the per day charge is $10.54 and $147.56 per fortnight. However, in this September 2019, the fees are likely to reduce by $400 (for Level 1), $200 (for Level 2) and $100 (for Level 3).
  • Income-tested Care fee: An extra contribution determined through proper income assessment. This fee is not like everyone, as it is based on an individual’s income and pension.

If you can’t afford the home care package, don’t worry. Wise Choice in-home care is there to help you. For those one suffering from financial hardship, assistance is available from the end of the Australian Government. To know more about the home care service package in Sydney, contact us!

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