How can a standard operator for NDIS assist the elderly people?

Nearly 4.3 million of the Australians are suffering from disability. A prediction has been made that, in the next five years Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is expected to provide nearly $22 billion of fund to 5,00,000 Australians under 65-years of age.

The NDIS aims to offer every information and services needed by the disability sector of Australia through a strong connection with the community doctors, clubs, health clinics, schools and libraries, supported by the Government.

What does NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) mean?

  • National – The ‘N’ of NDIS denotes positive introduction of NDIS throughout the Australian region.
  • Disability – The ‘D’ aims to support every eligible person with physical, intellectual, psychological disability.
  • Insurance – The ‘I’ in NDIS offers security and safety. It gives the Australian citizen a peace of mind with every kind of support they are seeking for the child born with disability or suffering from one of it.
  • Scheme- The ‘S’ highlights the whole NDIS as a support program rather than welfare program. It aims to improve the economical status so that the disable person can live their life independently.

Highlights of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • Significant and permanent disability – A significant disability has a partial impact on the day to day life while permanent disability remains with the person throughout their living years.
  • Services & Support– Assist and support the person in day to day life and help them participate in community functions.
  • Early intervention – Aiding the disable person before the high impact reduce or delay in the development of disability.

NDIS is funded and governed by the Australian people and other state governments and is an Australian Organization especially established to provide provision to the people who are unable to fit in the social environment and move on with their life. NDIS is not a charitable and welfare scheme, rather it provides a way to generate the funds from various sources and provide directly to the disabled people and to their family.

NDIS, is all about providing support that people with disability needs, to achieve their goal and participate in community and workplaces to live an ordinary life. The National Disability Insurance Scheme help the families who are suffering from various disabilities, can be of physical and cognitive.

There comes a time in a life when someone realizes that they need to assist and help someone who is in need and wants their continuous support in day to day life. At this point he/she becomes a standard operator or in a simple word, a caregiver. When elderly parents cannot take care of themselves and wants someone support to encourage them physically and emotionally, that’s when the importance of caregivers reflects.

Many people aged above 65 do suffer from various kind of mental health problem, in this case there must be one person whom they can trust with their whole heart and follow their guides to cope with every situation. Mental health issues are often seen in elderly people, which creates an emotional and tragic situation in a family. At some point, family even cannot find out what they need to do in such type of situation, they either panic and could not handle it properly or they left their parents in mental health center to improve their elder parent’s health.

Being a caregiver, they are now taking a major role economically and functionally. Economically, in the sense that caregivers do receive funds from their regular assistance to elders and functionally because they must take of care of the elders who are physically and mentally disabled, in a way that the people who are suffering could fit in the social environment and realize their importance in family. Generally, the elders mostly suffer from dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, these serious mental health problems must be handled in a careful way so that it does not affect the family members and the patient.

NDIS is also one of the Australian organizations who provide an essential care for the family who is deprived of helping their disabled parents or children’s. The one who want to work either voluntarily or as a job needs to contact

NDIS and confirm their participation in helping the disabled ones. The things that the standard operator can do as being part of NDIS is by continuously helping them to adjust with their situations.

In case of emergency, the standard operators can be with the aging elders the whole time and can avoid the critical situations.  The compassion and concern of the caregivers can make the elders feel that they are also important, and their presence do play a vital role in the family. Making the elders wanted who are suffering from mental health problems is so much needed because they are at the stage of their life where a little bit of harsh words or discourtesy makes them feel sad and gloomy.

Trained standard operator from NDIS and various organizations can handle every situation of the elders suffering from mental health problems with a very carefulness and considering the ill elders as their own parents. This brings a feeling of empathy and gives a way to have a closer bond between each other. Having patience while working as a caregiver is the most required thing, the more they can handle themselves in every difficult situation of the patients, the more they are eligible as a caregiver. Being mentally ill in an aging day really is challenging and vulnerable situation for the elders and even for their family.

Here, they need someone who can guide them and help in this difficult situation, they need someone whom they can trust with all their heart and share their problems. Best standard operators makes themselves flexible so that their patient can get the supports they are longing for, can become reliable so that the patient can trust them, have always an urge to help the one in needs and more specifically is a generous person who shows kind and empathetic nature.

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