Managing the life of people suffering from Dementia

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Dementia has become a global issue and hence it has affected nearly 4,25000 people in Australia. For loved ones managing the sudden changes in behaviour is stressful and confusing. However, you do need to find out the best solutions for them.

There are several ways in which dementia may manifest, and beneath are a few common behaviours that describe the categories.


Empower Your Loved Ones: Support and Care for Dementia Patients

Empower your loved ones with dementia by providing them with the support and care they need, ensuring a better quality of life for both them and yourself.


Finding basic help for loved ones!


How to manage the different behaviour of people suffering from dementia?




Characteristics – A feeling of nervousness, or unease about certain outcomes. During anxiety, a person becomes restless and clingy.

Causes – Several factors such as environmental factors can incline the anxiety level. High stress from the job, education, and personal relationships are the other ones. However, in a scenario of dementia the brain looks out for familiar faces, and if it does not encounter then apprehension exists. Another one is the loss of functional abilities and cognitive.

Remedies – Calmly respond and offer gentle support to the person. Keep them occupied with several activities. Give them an ample amount of time, and attention. Reduce or eliminate caffeinated drinks and push them towards healthy living.




CharacteristicsSpeaking fast, fiddling, crying, cursing, screaming. In general terms, it is a mood disorder that is caused due to hormonal imbalance or alcohol dependency.

Causes – Few of the research affiliates agitation to be the sole cause of depression. However, school stress, burnout, grief, peer pressure, neurological disorders, autism, and bipolar disorder can cause agitation.

Remedies – To remove agitation caused by the stress factor, various relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, and other meditative practices can be taken. Further measures such as;
• Boosting self-esteem
• Maintaining a steady routine
Handling behaviour in a calm and composed manner
• Involvement in several community activities
• Trying out different exercises.




Characteristics – Signs of aggression include an expression of violent behaviour or an unfair attitude. Threats, abuse, violence, or damage to property.

Causes – Broken sleep patterns, illness, uneasiness, a side-effect of medication, and hallucinations.

Remedies – Take account of underlying illness. Be alert for every warning sign and try to eliminate the causes of stress. Focus more on community participation, exercise, meditation and most important also take care of their diets.




Characteristics – In which stage of depression your near ones are going through? Depressions vary according to the individual; hence, one can’t just figure out an accurate characteristic. The general characteristics of depression are feelings of sadness, emptiness, tearfulness, lack of sleep, tiredness, agitation, anxiety, restlessness, or feeling of worthlessness.

Causes – There are certain factors that may increase the chances of depression such as abuse, conflict, medications, genetics, or other personal issues.

Remedies – Well, depending on the stage of depression the person is under-going through, the precise remedy can be given. However, certain practices such as setting up a daily routine, goals, exercise patterns, healthy eating habits, and a sleeping timetable.


Create a Safe Environment: Enhance the Well-being of Dementia Patients

Enhance the well-being of dementia patients by creating a safe and supportive environment, implementing practical strategies to manage their behaviors and improve their quality of life.


False ideas & Hallucinations


Characteristics – A perception of the existence of certain things, though absence. This includes hearing voices, seeing people, self-talking, or misinterpreting voices. While the false ideas include having a feeling of having a kind of superhuman power, accusing people of hiding and stealing stuff, and other psychiatric illness.

Causes – The possibilities for such an act may be due to the inaccurate interpretation of information. Other issues may be due to hearing problems, sensory overload, unfamiliar care, and side effects of medication.

Remedies – Maintaining a familiar environment and staying neutral is an easy option. While comforting the person and giving them attention may sort the problem.

With over more than 10+ years of experience in helping and assisting people with dementia, Wise Choice in Home Care has an array of flexible services ranging from less time of 30 minutes to a 24-hour service.


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We understand the service requirement for every case is unique, hence we respect every decision made by you to take care of your family personally. If finances are the real issue, you can take help from the Home Care Packages, provided by the Australian government. To know more about the home care packages in Sydney, Australia, contact us!

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