Disability Services in fairfield ‌ ‌

Disability Services in fairfield ‌ ‌

“Keep your mind at ease with professional disability services in Fairfield, Sydney”

If you are looking for a disability care service for your any family members or friends or relatives, you will have to go through heaps of challenges to find someone whom you can trust. At Wise Choice we truly understand the anxieties people can suffer when under-going the situations.

As a family operated service center holding family values, we only employ staffs whom we trust and who is experienced enough to handle any kind of arising situations. Based in Sydney, we provide high range of home care services for people under physical disability such as sensor impairment and limited mobility.

Our team of professionals and staffs are readily available to aid individual requirements with tailored service as per individual suitability. We tend to provide service which indeed help the individual allowing mobile and independent life.

We assure you with comfort and peace of mind. We make sure that your loved ones are exactly receiving the right level of care and support that you would demand for. We are dedicated to support your living at home. We make sure to coordinate your plan and take out the hard work involved in generating a deserving quality life.

Disability Care Services Offered by Wise Choice in Home Care;


Assistance to Daily Living

  • Support in self care (regular and high care)
  • Support in personal domestic activities
  • Linen service
  • Support in preparation and delivery of meals
  • Transportation support
  • Assistance to access community, recreational and social activities.


Capacity Building

  • Coordination of specialist support.
  • Assist in community participatory activities.
  • Improvise health and well-being.
  • Improvise daily living skills.
  • Behavioral support (counselling, therapy support)
  • Assistive technological support.


Signs of a good disability care include

  • Managers and staff with correct skills, time and experience to perform the duly assigned duty.
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Inclusion of wide range of activities at home and resident.
  • Fast and easy access to health professionals.
  • You home care should earnestly meet your needs.

Improve the quality life of someone living with disability in every possible way. You can rest in the knowledge that you don’t have to do it alone. Wise Home Care is here to ease the load of disability care in Fairfield and Sydney.

The home care we provide helps each of our clients to rich fulfilling life. We also deliver varying levels of support with the ability to customize the care to exactly meet the needs.

We serve with passion, and we want to give you a break by taking care of your beloved person. Our representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, experience and attentive.

Driven by the passion to serve, our team offers exceptional quality disability care in Sydney to those living with disability or illness.

We offer flexible care options and you can precisely use them to supplement the services you want. We provide long-term and short-term disability care service or a regular plan or ad-hoc visits to cope with the changes.

We would like to take lead on the disability care in Sydney. Our goal is to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction; therefore, we properly invest in our employees.

You are not alone, taking care for your loved one will be lot easier if we do it together. Contact us today, to discuss more about our disability care plans and the feasible options.

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Disability Services in fairfield ‌ ‌

Disability Services in fairfield ‌ ‌

“Keep your mind at ease with professional disability services in Fairfield, Sydney” If you are looking for a disability care …

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