What qualifies someone as a care giver?

After retirement or on being disabled, everyone has the rights to live a comfortable life in their own familiar space or setting. However, the situation does not favor every one of them. There are senior citizens who unwillingly land in assisted facilities or nursing homes.

As a caregiver you might have to spend more than a year with your client, depending on the length of time needed. In addition to providing physical care to clients, your role as care giver has a vast reluctant dimension. You must be a nurse, a personal therapist, psychologist, depending on the aspects your role changes. And as a caretaker you must take every role seriously, if you want to succeed.

Following, a care giver should have a compassionate heart and a proper home care experience. No training can offer the required quality. Though simple, its mandatory quality that the care giver of Wise Choice in Home Care. Beside degree, training certificates and qualified education, the agency seek out for;

  • An unselfish behavior; putting others before
  • A kind, loving and caring heart
  • A trustworthy person
  • Flexibility and commitment
  • Supportive and respectable manner
  • Patient and empathetic spirit
  • Learner and good understanding spirit

The caregiver should also have the following skills;

  • An in-depth understanding of client’s requirement.
  • A specific set of skills asked in the service.
  • Flexible enough to function well in the homely environment.
  • An understanding of how to manage the day to day responsibilities.
  • Adapt to living locations and environment.
  • Understanding of home & client safety.
  • Ability to take care of the client’s property with respect and dignity.
  • Confidence and commitment to complete the job with 100 per cent satisfaction.
  • Make a difference in individual’s life and their families.

Qualification needed to become a care giver in Australia

To become a caregiver, you either must undertake a traineeship or complete a qualification in individual support.

  • Complete level III in Individual Support at a Registered Training Organization. This gives an overall picture of the care process, safety, ethical and legal protocols which should be taken to consideration when working at private homes, as a care giver.
  • Complete a traineeship program at a home care facility under the guidance or assistance of senior care giver.
  • Consider fulfilling the basic first aid certificate to administer the minimum first aid requirement to find yourself in comfortable position in any emergency.

Every employer hiring caregiver look out for first aid certification, communication skills, integrity, willingness to learn and thoroughness.

How caregivers are screened before hiring them in Wise Choice in Home Care?

We know you want the best, so understanding your need we employee care givers who are helpful at a same time trustworthy. Therefore, 7-steps are opted for the screening process, which allows us to recruit the best employees for your service.

Our only priority is “delivering excellence with commitment”. And we stick to it. To ensure the highest quality care, we put every application under rigorous process.

#1. Telephonic Interview

Even before meeting the applicants, we take a brief telephonic interview, as it is important to understand how a caregiver verbally communicate. For we believe it to be an early indicator stating weather the person is fit for the position or not.

#2. Thorough review of Application

We never assign fresher to any clients. Instead we hire an experience holder. We take the best people in our team, so before taking them we review their previous working prospects ensuring they meet with every working standards and connect with the references.  A minimum 3—year experience in private home is needed with proper documentation and training certificates.

#3. Face to face interview with the applicants

After the two-steps we schedule interview with the applicant. We look forward for crucial screening step, experience, presentation and communication skills. We also track the personality traits to match the characteristics of the client and care giver.

#4. Verifying the experience of caregiver

The given references are cross-examined. Therefore, we urge the clients to give details of their previous employer with whom they have worked for. The feedback given by the former employer plays a vital role. Hence, we ask for minimum three industry related references and three personal references.

#5. Assessment of Skills

A written exam must be cleared by the applicants, with a minimum score of 80 per cent. We examine the understanding skills, and reasoning skills associated with home care.

#6. Screenings and background check

For the short-listed applicants, we perform drug screenings, DMV checks, criminal checks (both in city & country) along with social security validation.

#7. Orientation & Training programs

After coping with every aforesaid requirement, a special kind of orientation is given to the selected caregivers including home culture, state requirements, and policy & procedures. We also train them for safety measures, understanding the client’s confidentiality, their rights, on-going home care continuing education modules.

Wise Choice Home Care has a respected level of employee who are not only trustworthy but are qualified. They are trained in every possible way to cope with the rising emergency. So, family members can lay back and enjoy their life, while we take care of their senior members, disable members, and aged care members.

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