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101 Things to do with Dementia Patients

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Caring for someone with dementia can be a journey filled with challenges and heartwarming moments. While sparking happiness, fostering connection, and offering a sense of purpose are core goals, finding various meaningful activities and fun can feel like a puzzle.

Whether it’s singing along to old tunes or putting together a memory box filled with cherished mementos, you can create small and new activities to elevate the mood and quality of life of dementia patients at any stage. These recreational activities for dementia patients will tap into past skills and interests, fostering a sense of purpose and accomplishment for individuals with dementia.

Read further to learn the 101 simplest things to do with someone with dementia that can spark the most joy and keep them occupied.

What are 101 things to do with dementia patients?

  1. Reminisce with old photos.
  2. Listen to their favourite music.
  3. Enjoy walks in a safe environment.
  4. Watch familiar movies or TV shows.
  5. Sort objects by colour or shape.
  6. Create a sensory garden.
  7. Bake simple recipes together.
  8. Arrange flowers in a vase.
  9. Play simple card games like Go Fish.
  10. Look through old magazines or newspapers.
  11. Paint with watercolours.
  12. Do gentle stretching exercises.
  13. Read aloud from labels.
  14. Watch birds from the window.
  15. Sing familiar songs.
  16. Folding laundry or towels.
  17. Play with clay or playdough.
  18. Visit a petting zoo or animal shelter.
  19. Write letters to loved ones.
  20. Create a scrapbook of memories.
  21. Practice simple gardening tasks.
  22. Play with balloons.
  23. Do chair yoga exercises.
  24. Play with a therapy dog.
  25. Have a tea party with your favourite snacks.
  26. Play with bubbles.
  27. Arrange coloured beads into patterns.
  28. Play with a fidget spinner or sensory toy.
  29. Watch birds outside a window.
  30. Listen to audiobooks.
  31. Draw on large paper.
  32. Sort and organise household items.
  33. Play with a puppet or stuffed animal.
  34. Have a picnic in the backyard.
  35. Watch fish in an aquarium.
  36. Play simple board games like Snakes and Ladders.
  37. Sort coins into different containers.
  38. Have a gentle massage session.
  39. Look at travel brochures and plan a dream trip.
  40. Roll yarn into a ball.
  41. Look through a photo album together.
  42. Play with a sensory light projector.
  43. Do simple household chores together.
  44. Make a family tree poster.
  45. Listen to natural sounds.
  46. Play with soft fabric swatches.
  47. Build with building blocks or Legos.
  48. Play with a simple pop-up toy.
  49. Create a simple craft project.
  50. Play with a kaleidoscope.
  51. Watch a puppet show.
  52. Blow bubbles outdoors.
  53. Water house flowers.
  54. Hear calming music or sounds.
  55. Play with a simple wooden puzzle.
  56. Make a collage with old magazines.
  57. Play with a balloon volleyball.
  58. Look through a recipe book and discuss your favourite dishes.
  59. Play with a large sensory ball.
  60. Dance to your favourite songs.
  61. Sort and stack cups or containers.
  62. Play with a water table or sensory bin.
  63. Look through a catalogue and pick out your favourite items.
  64. Have a video chat with friends or family.
  65. Play with a simple shape sorter toy.
  66. Take a ride on a bus or train.
  67. Play with a puppet theatre.
  68. Decorate a flowerpot.
  69. Write a short poem together.
  70. Listen to a favourite radio program or podcast.
  71. Play with a simple wooden train set.
  72. Sort playing cards by colour.
  73. Play with a handheld electronic game.
  74. Hear a guided relaxation recording.
  75. Attend a local knitting or crochet group.
  76. Look through a book of jokes and share laughs.
  77. Play with a simple musical instrument like a tambourine.
  78. Write a letter to a friend.
  79. Plant seeds indoors or out.
  80. Sort poker chips.
  81. Look through a book of animal photos.
  82. Make homemade jam or preserves.
  83. Listen to a favourite childhood story.
  84. Play with a simple stacking toy.
  85. Make a friendship bracelet or keychain.
  86. Listen to a favourite fairy tale.
  87. Talk about famous events.
  88. Finger paint with non-toxic paints.
  89. Make a fruit salad.
  90. Cut out photos from magazines.
  91. Play with a simple spinning toy.
  92. Look through a book of riddles.
  93. Sort through a box of old letters and cards.
  94. Listen to a favorite bedtime story.
  95. Sew sewing cards.
  96. Look through a book of children’s songs.
  97. Play with a simple building block set.
  98. Rake garden leaves
  99. Volunteer together at an animal shelter.
  100. Decorate a family photo frame.
  101. Play catch with a stuffed animal.

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Summing Up!

The extensive list of 101 activities for dementia patients provides a wealth of possibilities to create meaningful and engaging experiences. They also help in dealing with aggressive dementia patients as these activities help to stimulate cognitive function, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall well-being. Incorporating these ideas into caregiving routines can help enhance the well-being and quality of life of individuals living with dementia.

Remember, each person is unique, so it’s important to personalize activities based on their interests, abilities, and preferences to avoid mistakes in dementia care. With patience, much love, and compassion, you can turn everyday moments into opportunities to spark joy and share laughter.

At Wise Choice, our compassionate caregiver understands the unique needs of dementia patients and prioritizes respect and individuality in every interaction. Utilizing assistive tools for seniors with dementia, we will work with you to create a plan of activities that promotes your loved one’s physical and mental well-being while keeping them active and engaged. Contact us today.

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