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In-Home Aged Care

Dedicated to transforming the lives of seniors, our bespoke in-home aged care service focuses on upholding independence and providing exceptional comfort.

Personalised In Home Aged Care Provider Fairfield

As your reliable aged care service provider in Fairfield, Sydney. Wise Choice places your joy and security at the forefront, empowering you to grasp the opportunities life presents. Customised to your preferences, our elderly care services provide modified assistance, ensuring happiness, autonomy, and specialised attention. We guarantee you experience the tranquillity of self-sustained living as our compassionate experts cater to your unique needs, nurturing feelings of safety and camaraderie.

Embrace life on your own terms, with the assurance of aid when desired, enriching your welfare and offering comfort to your loved ones. Enjoy the benefits of our unwavering commitment to transcendent care, enabling you to live independently at home.

Nurturing Your Well-being with
In Home Care for Elderly

Indulge in the comforting care of our Home Care Service for Elderly, where your well-being takes centre stage. Whether it is a comforting bath, a delicious meal prepared just for you, or a genuine smile that brightens your day, we go the extra mile to ensure your physical and emotional needs are met. Our commitment lies in crafting an invigorating atmosphere, allowing you to delve into new passions, connect with fellow seniors and rediscover your interests within the comfort of your own home. With us, you will age gracefully on a joyful, supported aged care journey.

What's Included In
Our Specialised Aged Care Services

Personal Care

Our aged care professionals will provide respectful, compassionate and attentive customised assistance with daily activities from personal grooming to safeguarding your welfare, honour and contentment.

Domestic Assistance

Our tailored service encompasses all your domestic and daily responsibilities, from tidying up to grocery shopping, ensuring a meticulously upkept environment, and enabling you to savour life to the fullest.

Meal Preparation

Rediscover the pleasure of dining as our carer will present you with delicious and nourishing dishes bespoke to your preferences and dietary needs, promoting your health and vitality.

Garden Maintenance

Collaborating closely, our team will work diligently to ensure your garden transforms into an oasis reflecting your personal taste, inviting you to immerse in the well-maintained outdoor tranquillity.

Allied Health

Through personalised therapies, our adept allied health professionals will elevate not only your physical and mental well-being but also enhance mobility, ensuring comprehensive access to exceptional care.

Clinical Care

Ensuring you receive the right support, we will manage your medical needs, monitor conditions, administer medications and coordinate with healthcare providers, prioritising your comfort and optimal healing. 


We offer dependable and comfortable transportation options, linking you to the community and facilitating appointments and outings with a strong emphasis on safety, convenience, and satisfaction.


Addressing your healthcare requirements, we will offer adept and considerate in-home nursing care services, ensuring trustworthiness, and contentment, fostering your overall health and efficient recovery.

Social Support

Our empathetic care team will aid you in overcoming isolation, supporting your participation in dynamic and enriching social activities, bringing boundless joy and providing meaningful companionship.

Pastoral Care

Delivering both spiritual and emotional comfort, we will offer a listening ear and prayerful presence and provide guidance addressing your unique necessities during challenging crises or discreet conversations.

Learn About Your Home Care Options

Non-Government Funded

Private Home Care

Operating independently from government support, private home care offers flexible assistance with daily tasks, often including clear and transparent pricing models, allowing you to choose the level of care plan that suits your needs and preferences.

Government Funded

Home Care Package

The Home Care Package initiative supports older people who prefer independent living at home over residential care offering four care levels based on assessment and a range of services, including daily activity assistance and access to medical support.

How to Get
In-Home Aged Care Assistance

1. Apply for funding

Start the process by evaluating your eligibility through assessment and apply for government-funded programs to access vital financial assistance for exceptional home care support.

apply for home care funding
meeting our team

2. Meet our team

Meet our care team for an in-home consultation to explore your requirements, preferences and objectives in line with the funding available, to develop a personalised healthcare plan modified to your needs.

3. Use our services

Once you express interest, we’ll assess your specific needs, evaluating your disability, current supports, and goals. A personalised support plan is then meticulously crafted based on this assessment.

get home care from experienced nurses
The best decision I made was to switch to WiseChoice. I get some much choice in what I want, I can always speak to the Office and my mum gets the best care she deserves!

- Janet

Personalised In-Home Senior Care Assistance
by Compassionate Professionals

Wise Choice is driven by a mission to enrich lives through dedicated care that places a value on independence, comfort and meaningful relationships. Our team of empathetic professionals recognises the importance of maintaining routines and familiarity. We are dedicated to delivering unwavering support in day-to-day tasks, cultivating companionship and upholding a vigilant stance on safety while ensuring complete freedom. With resolute commitment, we aim to establish a nurturing space where seniors can flourish, offering families the assurance of their loved one’s overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aged care?

Aged care encompasses a range of services supporting elderly individuals with daily tasks, health needs and social engagement as they navigate the challenges of aging. These services include in-home care, assisted living, nursing homes, dementia care and palliative care, aiming to enhance seniors’ quality of life, maintain their independence and provide necessary medical and emotional support.

What is aged care nursing?

Aged care nursing involves specialised healthcare provided to elderly individuals in various settings such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home environments. Aged care nurses are trained to address the unique medical, emotional and social needs of older adults, offering services like medication management, wound care, assistance with daily activities and support for conditions common in aging populations, like dementia and mobility issues. 

What is a care plan in aged care?

A care plan is a modified and structured document that outlines the specific needs, preferences and goals of an elderly individual receiving care and support. Developed collaboratively by healthcare professionals, caregivers, and the individual themselves, the healthcare plan details the required medical treatments, assistance with daily activities, and any other services necessary to maintain the individual’s well-being. This plan serves as a roadmap for the care specialists, ensuring that the elderly person’s unique requirements are met effectively and comprehensively. It may be regularly reviewed and adjusted to accommodate changing needs and circumstances.

How does Wise Choice in Home Care identify clients’ needs in aged care?

Wise Choice in Home Care utilises a thorough assessment process to identify clients’ needs in aged care. This may involve conducting comprehensive interviews, gathering medical history, assessing functional abilities and understanding the client’s goals and preferences. By taking a holistic approach, Wise Choice in Home Care ensures that the care provided aligns with the client’s specific requirements and promotes their overall welfare.

Is there Government funding available for aged care?

In Australia, the government offers financial assistance for aged care. This aid is available through several programs, which are designed to help seniors access various types of support, such as home care, residential care and other related service. The funding options aim to assist elderly people in receiving necessary care while managing costs.

Do I have to sell my home to access aged care services?

No, selling your home is not a requirement to access aged services. While there are costs associated with aged care, such as fees for residential care or in-home care services, there are various funding options available, including government subsidies and financial assistance programs. 

Where can I find in-home aged care near me?

When searching for in-home care providers, it is recommended to check local directories, seek referrals from friends and healthcare professionals, explore community resources and utilise online platforms connecting individuals with caregivers. It can also be helpful to contact local government agencies responsible for senior services as they can provide valuable information you need and referrals to approved providers in your area. However, if our live n Fairfield Sydney, Wise choice in home care will be the nearest option for you.

Who can benefit from in-home aged care services?

In-home aged care services are a valuable option for seniors who require assistance and support in their own homes. This includes individuals with mobility issues, chronic illnesses, cognitive impairments such as dementia, or those who are recovering from surgery or hospitalization. Additionally, in-home aged care can provide a much-needed break for family caregivers while ensuring their loved one receives the necessary care and attention.

What services are offered by Wise Choice's in-home aged care program?

Wise Choice’s in-home aged care program offers a comprehensive range of personalized services to meet the diverse needs of elderly individuals. These services typically include assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming and medication management. Trained caregivers also offer companionship and engage in meaningful activities to promote mental and emotional well-being. The program may extend to specialised care for conditions like palliative or dementia care, ensuring that each person receives tailored support to stay independent at home.

Is in-home aged care available 24/7?

Yes, in-home aged care services are available 24/7, depending on the specific needs and arrangements of the individual receiving care. Some in-home care providers offer round-the-clock support, ensuring that trained caregivers are available at all times to assist with activities of daily living, medical needs, and emergencies. This continuous care can be especially beneficial for seniors who require constant monitoring, have complex medical conditions, or need assistance throughout the day and night.

Are the caregivers and nurses qualified and trained?

Reputable in-home aged care programs employ qualified and extensively trained caregivers and registered nurses who are experts in providing the best possible care to elderly individuals. These professionals undergo specialised training that covers a range of areas, including senior care techniques, medical assistance, communication skills and safety protocols. They also hold certifications, licenses, or relevant qualifications that validate their expertise and ensure that seniors receive appropriate and compassionate care from skilled professionals who understand their unique needs.

Can I get in-home aged care services during emergencies?

Absolutely, in-home aged care services remain accessible during emergencies. The care provider acknowledges the potential for unexpected events and is well-prepared to address urgent requirements. Whether immediate assistance is needed, short-term care during crisis situations is necessary, or support is required post-hospital discharge, the care provider extends indispensable in-home aged care to guide you or your loved one through these challenging moments.

How do I determine my loved one's care needs?

Assessing your loved one’s care needs in aged care involves a comprehensive evaluation of their physical health, cognitive abilities, functional limitations and social requirements. Consult with healthcare professionals or experienced aged care providers who will conduct aged care assessments, discuss your loved one’s circumstances and help you understand their care requirements. This process includes evaluating mobility, personal care requirements, medication management, cognitive abilities, emotional well-being and social engagement. 

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