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NDIS Short Term
Accommodation in Sydney

Our short-term accommodation caters to individuals seeking a comfortable living environment with a sense of belonging while maintaining social interaction and independence.

Short Term Accommodation (STA)
with a Personal Touch in Fairfield, Sydney

Whether you are planning a short period of stay, such as 14 days or longer, or seeking to share support with other participants, our accommodations are flexibly designed to offer complete attention and support because of your disability. 

Our goal is to make your Short Term Accommodation experience in Sydney not just a stay but an opportunity to enjoy the city on your terms, tailored to your preferences.

Quality NDIS Short-Term Accommodation
at Your Service

We understand the complexities of NDIS pricing arrangements and price limits, so we strive to offer competitive prices that represent genuine value for money. We will help you navigate the NDIS funding criteria, including understanding your core supports and how they apply to short-term accommodation or respite stays. Our individual support team, including experienced local area coordinators, is here to ensure that you receive the personal care and attention you deserve during your stay. 

Being a trusted choice for quality short-term accommodation, we not only meet your support needs but also align your goals with your budget. Let us make your NDIS short stay as fulfilling as possible!

Why Choose Us?

Discover the comfort and support offered by our Short-Term Accommodation.
Our devoted team ensures a secure and nurturing setting, customized to each person’s requirements.

NDIS Registered Provider

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of care and professionalism with quality and reliability in every service we offer. Trust us to deliver services that meet the NDIS requirements.

Variety of Dwellings

No matter what your requirements are, we have a space that will feel like home. Choose from a diverse range of comfortable dwellings that suit your short-term accommodation-related needs.

Community and Family Values

When you choose us, you become a part of our extended family, as our foundation is built on deep-rooted values that acknowledge the traditional principles of care, respect and inclusivity.

Safety and Security

Your safety and security are our top priorities. We go to great lengths and maintain a safe, secure and protected living space to provide you with peace of mind during your stay.

Empowering Independence

Our services are designed to empower you with the confidence and skills you need to lead the life you desire, whether it's through tailored support or fostering a sense of self-sufficiency.

Responsive Support Team

We believe that your comfort and satisfaction are non-negotiable. Count on our responsive support team whenever you need it, which values your well-being and aims to enhance your quality of life.

Our Respite and Short Term
Accommodation Facilities

We offer a comforting and supportive environment used for respite care for
individuals seeking a temporary reprieve, providing exceptional care and undivided assistance.

Learn About Your NDIS Accommodation Options

Non- Government Funded

This accommodation option is available to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for NDIS support, seeking accommodation solutions outside of government-funded avenues. It provides greater flexibility and control over your choice of support services.

Government Funded

This accommodation option receives financial support directly from the government with predetermined structures and support plans. We encourage you to talk to your support coordinator and engage in community participation through government-funded accommodation.

How to Get NDIS Respite STA

Get in Touch
The first step is to Initiate the whole process by Contacting Us. Get an insight into the available respite STA options and gain a better understanding of the requirements.
Get to know each Other
Collaborate with us and openly communicate your needs, goals, and preferences. It involves assessments/ discussions to create a personalised care plan that suits your unique circumstances.
Budget submission and approval
This step involves preparing and submitting a budget proposal to NDIS that states the support you require during your STA stay. NDIS will review it and upon approval, the necessary funds are allocated.
Start Receiving your Service
With the budget approval in hand, you will start your NDIS Respite STA services. This stage marks the commencement of your stay with us, where we will provide you with the assistance outlined in your personalised plan.
I recently worked with Wise Choice and was very impressed with the care and diligence of the operation. Hamsa is very profession and works hard to develop the organisation to ensure the best outcome for clients and his staff.

Unwind and Recharge
at Wise Choice's Best STA

Our comfortable accommodations provide you with the ideal setting to enjoy a few days away from home, surrounded by a warm and welcoming environment. We offer you the perfect opportunity to unwind and recharge, whether you’re seeking support like funded 28 days of short-term accommodation, including respite care or simply a break from your usual support network. 

Our experienced carers are here to ensure that you pursue your goals by trying new things while having a change of scenery!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDIS Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

NDIS Short-Term Accommodation, often abbreviated as STA, is a service within the National Disability Insurance Scheme in the country throughout Australia. It is specifically designed to offer temporary accommodation and support to individuals with disabilities, along with their caregivers or families. 

Who is eligible for NDIS Short-Term Accommodation?
Eligibility for NDIS Short-Term Accommodation support is based on your disability-related needs, how it supports your goals and community participation, cost-effectiveness, and the support provided by your family and informal networks. Your support coordinators, early childhood partner or planner can guide you on how to efficiently share support with other people while using your Core budget.
How is STA funded under the NDIS?
STA under the NDIS is funded by providing support and accommodation for a brief period, typically up to 14 days, away from your regular home. This funding encompasses the cost of care in an alternative setting and is commonly allocated when your regular caregivers are unavailable or to enable you to explore new experiences or holidays.
What is the typical length of stay for STA services?
Typically, NDIS funding allows for up to 28 days of STA per year. You have the flexibility to use this allocation whether in a block of up to 14 days at once or for shorter stays spread throughout the year, such as one weekend per month. If you are looking for longer stays, Medium-term accommodation allows up to 90 day stay period. The NDIS funds Standard rates for 28 days of short-term accommodation support.
What does the cost of STA cover?
The cost of Short-Term Accommodation (STA) typically covers various aspects of your stay, including accommodation, meals, personal care support, added activities and any additional services specified in your NDIS plan. 
Can I access STA services without an NDIS plan?
Yes, it is possible to access Short-Term Accommodation (STA) services without a NDIS plan, and it typically comes at a full fee cost. While having a NDIS plan is advantageous as it can provide funding and support for STA, those without a plan can choose to access these services independently.
How are STA costs determined, and can they vary?
STA costs are determined based on individual needs and are subject to variation. These costs are assessed and allocated according to the specific support requirements outlined in your NDIS plan. So, the STA expenses vary from person to person, reflecting the tailored nature of the services provided to accommodate diverse needs and circumstances. Generally, funding is for a group price unless there is clear and convincing evidence that an individual requires personalised support due to their disability.  
Are there additional services available during an STA stay?
Yes, during a Short-Term Accommodation stay, additional services are included, such as therapeutic support, recreational activities, transportation assistance, and access to amenities like communal spaces and social activities. Feel free to Get in touch with WiseChoice for further information and guidance on accessing these services.
What is the difference between STA and Supported Independent Living (SIL)?
STA is a temporary and short-duration service, primarily serving as respite care, while SIL is a longer-term support service aimed at promoting independent living skills and sustainable housing arrangements for individuals with disabilities.
Are STA facilities accessible for people with specific disabilities or mobility needs?
Yes, Short-Term Accommodation (STA) facilities are generally designed to be accessible for people with specific disabilities or mobility needs. Accessible infrastructure such as ramps, widened doorways, accessible bathrooms, and other accommodations are included to ensure individuals with varying mobility levels  Always check with your STA provider to confirm the extent of accessibility features available to cater to your specific needs.
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