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Home Care Packages
in Sydney

Age gracefully and safely in the comfort of your home with a government funded home care package delivered by our qualified and compassionate caregiver.

Quality, Personalised Care at Your Home

Embrace your independence and cherished routines with our in-home care services across Sydney, empowering you to live with dignity and choices. Taking the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, we will tailor a care plan that fosters your well-being and happiness. Going beyond just providing care; we will ensure you feel valued and connected to your loved ones and community. Whether you require a little extra help with daily tasks (Level 1 Package) or more comprehensive support for complex needs (Level 4 Package), our qualified carers are here to uplift you to live life to the fullest in your own home.

Home Care Package

 HCP Level 1

APPROX. $10,271.10 / YEAR

Offers basic care for individual who are mostly independent but require occasional assistance with daily tasks like light housekeeping, meals, and reminders.

HCP Level 2

APPROX. $18,063.85 / YEAR

Delivers low level care for individual requiring more regular support including support with showering, dressing, medication reminders, and mobility assistance.

HCP Level 3

APPROX. $39,310.50 / YEAR

Provides intermediate care to individuals with significant limitations, needing aid with daily living and personal care, including allied health service and continence management.

HCP Level 4

APPROX. $59,593.55 / YEAR

Offers the highest level of care for individual with complex care need requiring 24/7 care, support for cognitive challenges, and collaboration with healthcare professionals.

What's Included In
Home Help Package

Personal care

Promoting a sense of autonomy and confidence, our carer will provide hands-on assistance with personal hygiene tasks from bathing, and grooming to dressing, ensuring your physical comfort and well-being.

Domestic assistance

Maintaining a clean and organised living environment, we will take care of the daily household chores from vacuuming and laundry to dishwashing, allowing you to enjoy your home and your quality life.

Meal preparation

Ensuring your everyday meals are both satisfying and nourishing, our caregivers will prepare a heart-healthy, nutritious and delicious meals tailored to your dietary preferences and requirements.

Medication management

With appropriate authorisation, our skilled caregivers will assist in organising medications, ensuring they are taken as prescribed, and monitoring for any possible side effects or interactions.

Nursing and Clinical care

Our care team including skilled nurses will provide clinical cares such as wound dressing, medication injections, or monitoring vital signs and prioritise continuity of care and strive for optimal health outcomes.

Social support

Offering companionship and emotional support, as well as organising social outings and activities, we will assist you to cultivate meaningful relationships and maintain connections with your loved ones.

Transport and Mobility aids

Our caregivers will assist you with mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers, enabling safe movement within your home and provide assistance with transportation to appointments, errands, and social events.


Enhancing strength, flexibility, and overall well-being, we will help you engage gentle routine exercises, walks, physical therapy exercises or other activities, facilitating mobility within your home.

How to Apply
for a Home Care Packages in Sydney

1. Undergo an Assessment

Start by undergoing an assessment conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), which evaluates your eligibility for a Home Care Package and assists in identifying your care needs and preferences.

undergo home care assessment
choosing home care provider

2. Chose us as your Home care provider

After being approved for a Home Care Package service, you have the flexibility to select your preferred home care provider, ensuring you receive quality care and support tailored to your unique needs.


3. Receive Your Home Care Package

Once you express interest, we’ll assess your specific needs, evaluating your disability, current supports, and goals. A personalised support plan is then meticulously crafted based on this assessment.

receive home care package
home care agreement

4. Enter into a Home Care Agreement

Prior to service initiation, you will enter into an agreement explaining outlines of the services, associated costs (if applicable), and your rights and responsibilities as a recipient of home care services.

5. Start Receiving Services

Once the agreement is in place, we will collaborate with you to create a personalised care plan, enabling you to start receiving services outline in your package to support your independent living at home.


start receiving service
The best decision I made was to switch to WiseChoice. I get some much choice in what I want, I can always speak to the Office and my mum gets the best care she deserves!

- Janet

Reimagine Home Care
with Us

At Wise Choice, we believe home care should be more than just a list of services. With a focus on enriching your life and combating isolation, our services are designed to enhance your well-being, both physically and emotionally. Our holistic approach to home care offers a flexible range of services, from basic assistance with daily tasks to complex medical care and services. Promoting independence, we will create a thriving environment where possibilities for growth and fulfilment flourish. 

Reclaim your freedom with us. Contact us and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional care.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know whether I am eligible for home care packages?

You will need to have an assessment conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) in order to be eligible for a home care package. Your eligibility will be determined after they assess your care needs and take into account your age, health, and level of support needed. 

2. Can I receive your services if I already have a Home Care Package?

Absolutely! If you already have a Home Care Package, you can choose Wise Choice as your preferred home care provider. The approved services included in your package will be delivered by our committed carers, who will collaborate closely with you to create a personalised care plan based on your requirements and preferences.

3. How many hours of care will I receive from the HCP package?

The number of hours of care you receive from a Home Care Package will depend on the level of package you have been assigned. Home Care Packages range from Level 1 (basic care) to Level 4 (high-level care), and the approved funding amount corresponds to the four levels of care. 

4. How long can I expect to wait for a Home Care Package?

The waiting times for Home Care Packages vary based on the required level of home care. According to myagedcare, Level 1 packages generally have a waiting period of less than one month, while Level 2 may take three to six months to become available. Level 3 packages typically require a waiting period of nine to twelve months, while Level 4 packages usually have a waiting period of six to nine months.

5. How can a Home Care Package help me live at home for longer?
A Home Care Package can provide you with the necessary support to continue living independently in your own home. It provides various services, including meal preparation, personal care, home modification, allied health, and medication management, that are customised to meet your needs. These services can assist with everyday duties, enhance your wellbeing, and guarantee a cosy and secure home. A home care package can also offer companionship and social support, which helps keep you a part of your community and lessen the feeling of isolation.
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