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Supported Independent
Living in Sydney

Experience the freedom to shape your life with SIL services precisely designed to empower you to embrace independence and thrive in every aspect of life.

Trusted Providers Of
NDIS SIL Services In Fairfield, Sydney

Catering to Sydney residents, Wise Choice offers extensive Supported Independent Living support services characterised by compassion and a dedication to nurturing independent lifestyles. Our proficient team provides tailored aid, empowering NDIS participants to acquire vital life skills for effective home living. Establishing a bedrock for a gratifying future, our enthusiasm centres around customising support according to individual requirements. Through unwavering commitment, we strive to illuminate the way towards self-sufficiency.

Our adept professionals are enthusiastic about dispensing individual-focused aid that addresses the distinct needs and aspirations of each individual we assist, guiding the mastery of indispensable living skills essential for flourishing at one’s residence.

Where Support Meets Independence:
Our NDIS SIL Service Spectrum

Discover the perfect balance between support and independence with our NDIS SIL services, offering a spectrum of tailored support to suit your needs.

Personal Care Assistance

Experience tailored and personalised care that fosters self-reliance with our esteemed service, delivering professional and compassionate assistance with daily living and enhancing your overall well-being.

Household Management

Indulge the luxury of a seamlessly organised living space through our meticulous household aid, covering everything from spotless cleanliness to delightful culinary creations, all empowering your self-sufficiency.

Community Involvement

Join a vibrant tapestry of community activities, clubs, and social soirees as we guide you towards forging lasting connections and finding your unique place in the heart of a welcoming community.

Emotional and Social Support

Eradicate isolation with our empathetic companionship and steadfast emotional reinforcement, establishing a haven where your mental well-being thrives and vibrant social connections abound.

Life Skills Development

Unleash your potential through our tailored life skills coaching, ranging from mastering culinary arts to honing financial finesse – empowering you to develop the skills you need to confidently succeed.


Overcome the transportation barriers and embrace true independence. With our reliable transportation services, you will confidently explore new horizons, seizing opportunities and revelling in newfound freedom.

Financial Management

Enhance your financial expertise and unveil a future of prosperity with our expert guidance in budgeting, bill payment and financial statement interpretation, directing you toward well-informed decisions.

Employment Support

Navigate the professional journey through our holistic employment assistance designed to provide support with standout resumes, exceptional interview skills and the confidence to embrace rewarding career pathways.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Funding
under the NDIS 

Embrace self-reliance with the aid of Supported Independent Living funding, a crucial component integrated into the National Disability Insurance Scheme framework. This empowering initiative bestows participants with the necessary tools to attain heightened autonomy and a more enriched life. By offering essential assistance and expert mentorship, NDIS SIL funding propels personal advancement, granting entry to specialised services that cultivate skills, elevate self-assurance, improve the overall quality of life and exemplify a commitment to holistic growth and well-being.

Where Independence Blossoms:
Discover SIL Accommodations

How to Access SIL Services

Contact Us
Reach out to us today to connect with our dedicated team, ready to provide you with personalised guidance. Contact us to discuss services that align perfectly with your needs and aspirations.
Initial Consultation and Assessment
Undergo an assessment to ascertain your eligibility and gather essential information to comprehensively understand your individual abilities, unique challenges and distinct support you need.
Customised Care Plan Development
Construct a personalised care plan that is tailored to address your individual requirements while considering your exceptional circumstances, specific preferences, and high support needs.
Matching with Caregivers
Carefully select caregivers who seamlessly fit your needs, respecting your unique requirements and preferences, to provide dedicated assistance in daily tasks.
Implementation and Ongoing Support
Initiate the provision of essential services, ensuring the smooth implementation of the care plan. Additionally, maintain ongoing support and assistance in accordance with evolving needs and circumstances.
Monitoring and Adjustments
Continuously oversee the effectiveness of the care plan in addressing needs and proactively implement necessary adaptations and modifications whenever required to ensure optimal support and well-being.
Regular Check-ins and Reviews.
Ensure that assistance remains aligned with necessities by conducting regular check-ins and reviews. This approach ensures support is responsive to changing circumstances and needs.
Wise choice have been looking after my parents now for a few years they are honest , professional and are always willing to make them happy we couldn’t recommend them enough 5 ⭐

Your Home, Your Journey:
Supported Independent Living for a Fulfilling Life

Discover the true essence of independence while enjoying the comfort and security of your cherished home environment. Through customised care strategies and skilled mentorship, we will empower you to discover purpose and contentment in every step of your journey towards fulfilment. Ranging from aiding with everyday tasks to honing skills and cultivating a lively community, our devoted team is wholeheartedly dedicated to fostering your development. Experience the transformative power of our services within the nurturing confines of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program that assists individuals with disabilities in living independently while receiving varying levels of support. It is a part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and aims to provide tailored assistance to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities. SIL focuses on helping individuals lead independent lives in shared arrangements or own homes.

Who is eligible for Supported Independent Living (SIL) services?

Eligibility criteria for SIL services may depend on location and regulations. Generally, individuals with disabilities such as intellectual, physical, or sensory impairments who require assistance to live independently may be eligible for SIL funding and services. Get your assessment done with local disability service providers or government agencies to determine eligibility.

How does Supported Independent Living differ from other housing options for people with disabilities?

Supported Independent Living differs from other housing options for people with a disability in that it emphasises personalised support in individuals’ own homes or shared living arrangements. It assists you to live as independently as possible and provides various levels of assistance tailored to your individual needs. Other housing options may include group homes or residential care facilities with more intensive support structures.

What types of housing are available under SIL?

SIL supports people with disabilities with different housing options, including private apartments, shared houses, duplexes and other similar arrangements. SIL aims to accommodate personal choices and create a comfortable living environment.

Can I receive SIL support in shared housing or on my own?

Yes, SIL can be provided in both shared home environments and individual living arrangements. It offers flexibility to individuals based on their preferences and needs. Whether you choose to live with roommates or alone, SIL can provide the necessary support to facilitate independent living.

What kind of support is provided under SIL?

Support provided under SIL can include assistance with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, transportation, medication management, budgeting and accessing community services. The support is tailored to individual needs and aims to promote independence and provide a significant amount of help throughout the day.

What is the role of support workers in SIL?

Support workers play a vital role in SIL. They assist residents with various tasks, offer companionship, provide emotional support, and help residents build essential life skills to foster independence. Support workers are trained to understand the specific needs of individuals and provide appropriate assistance accordingly.

Can individuals personalise their living spaces in supported independent living arrangements?

Supported independent living arrangements generally encourage individuals to personalise their living spaces, creating a comfortable and homely environment that reflects their preferences and personalities. This allows individuals to express their creativity, foster a sense of identity, and cultivate a greater sense of belonging within their own homes.

How is the level of support determined for each resident in a SIL setup?

The level of support is determined through assessments conducted by relevant government agencies or disability service providers. These assessments consider an individual’s needs, goals and abilities. Based on the assessment, a personalised NDIS plan is developed to address specific support requirements.

Do residents have the option to choose their support workers or caregivers?

In some cases, residents may have input in selecting their support workers or caregivers. This allows for compatibility and mutual understanding between the resident and the support worker. However, the availability of choice may depend on factors such as local regulations, funding arrangements and the specific service provider.

How to access Supported Independent Living Funding?

Accessing Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding involves an eligibility assessment, completing an application, developing a support plan, seeking funding approval, selecting a service provider, and commencing SIL services. It is advised to contact local providers or agencies to inquire about the process and funding options.

What is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding, and how does it relate to Supported Independent Living?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding focuses on providing accommodations tailored to individuals with high support needs due to their disability. While SDA addresses the physical environment necessary for this support, Supported Independent Living is for people with higher support needs, primarily focusing on providing the actual support within those accommodations, helping individuals with day-to-day tasks and building life skills.

Can I choose to live alone or with roommates under Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) provides the flexibility to choose between living alone or with roommates, allowing individuals to tailor their living arrangements according to their preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the independence of living alone or the social dynamics of sharing a home with roommates, SIL aims to accommodate your choices to create a personalised and fulfilling living experience.

Are there any age restrictions for accessing Supported Independent Living services?

Age eligibility criteria can vary, but SIL services generally cater to adults with disabilities. Specific age restrictions, if any, would depend on the policies and regulations of the particular program or service provider. 

Can I receive Supported Independent Living services if I already have state or government funding?

Individuals who are currently receiving state or government funding for disability support may also qualify for Supported Independent Living services. Eligibility is based on individual needs and circumstances, and SIL support can supplement existing funding to promote independent living.

Where can I find supported independent living near me?

To find supported independent living options near you, you can inquire with local disability service providers, government agencies, or organizations specialising in disability support in your area. They can provide information on available options, assist with assessments and guide you through the process of accessing Supported Independent Living services. Additionally, online directories or databases specific to your region may also provide listings and contact information for providers offering supported independent living services.

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