About Wise Choice In Home Care

"Years of Commitment, Compassion and Ensuring Holistic Care”

Wise Choice In Home Care is celebrating years of continuous service.

Founded in November 2016, WCIHC is persistent in delivering high-quality holistic care services throughout Sydney.
Our core purpose is to empower each individual to build capacity and resilience, as well as gain and maintain independence.
We commit to providing affordable services with a concentration on customer-satisfaction, transparency, reliability, and integrity.
Our agency specializes in working with culturally and linguistically diverse clientele (CALD) which is reflected in our multilingual employees, reflecting Australia’s diversity.
We implement a comprehensive person-centred approach ensuring the active participation and satisfaction of each individual.

What to expect from us:

• Quality and Compassionate Service
• Uphold Your Privacy and Confidentiality
• Be Treated with Courtesy, Dignity, and Respect
• Be Actively Involved in Decision-Making
• Transparency in Fees and Budgeting
• Receive Care and Support in a way that Respects your Gender, Culture, Spiritual or Philosophical Background or Beliefs, and Sexual Orientation
• Have information provided to you in a way that you Understand
• Have your Services Reviewed
• Assist you in making Suggestions or Complaints

Why Choose Wise Choice In Home Care?

Professionalism & Quality Assurance – Every support worker at Wise Choice In Home Care is screened and trained to meet the NDIS and HCP Quality Standards.
Safety and Security – We go through extensive background checks before assigning them with any work.
Customized Care – We collaborate with each participant to ensure an individualised plan implementation in relation to their Goals and Outcomes.
Dependability & Flexibility – We employ over 100 plus support workers which allows flexibility in change in schedules.
Industrial training – We provide constant training to our employees in order to ensure compliance and quality services are upheld.
Service Cessation – If you wish to cease receiving services, we charge $0 exit fee for HCP clientele, and are prompt in releasing funding from service bookings for NDIS participants.

We do appreciate the opportunity you render to us as clientele and can assure you access to personalised quality services.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly consultants will assist you in deciding if Wise Choice is Your Choice.