Caring the elderly parents affect the job of workforce!

Tue Jan 14, 2020

We endurably take our employment serious but, in the meantime, our parents are always important to us. But the job we have taken is to make our parents lives easier by providing them a safer home, and nutritious food. On a regular day, we would come back home, prepare dinner and enjoy the family time […]


10 benefits of Physical Activity for the Elderly People

Mon Dec 30, 2019

When taking care of elderly people, every relevant aspect should be taken care of. Professionals in the Australian Home Care service are pretty much aware of the active life the elderly people should maintain. Which is why they do everything they can to keep the elderly physical busy. On crossing the elder age, the enthusiasm […]


6 Assistive Technology for the people suffering with Dementia!

Fri Dec 27, 2019

Dementia is one of those disease which is incurable. Which means people suffering from dementia must forever live with the symptoms. The disease can be frightening for both the loved ones and care givers living with the disease. However, the advancement in technology can ease the anxiety and establish routine to improve the quality life […]


How to Address Emotional Needs of The Elderly People?

Mon Dec 16, 2019

Aging does not only mean change in body pattern but also a dramatic moderation of emotions. Older people often perceive the situation of loneliness, hopelessness and sad situation. Older people face the desire of a high level of satisfaction holding the beliefs of loneliness. Not only elderly people but even the working groups are also […]


Disability Home Care Service: Enjoy your independency!

Thu Nov 28, 2019

DISABILITY HOME CARE SERVICES Everyone has a right to access their independency in their own form. And the liberty is no different for those living with disability. Living in a community, enjoying active social life, boost the self-esteem and quality life. There is no point of laying back and worrying about the disability while you […]


Managing the life of people suffering from Dementia

Mon Nov 25, 2019

Finding basic help for the loved ones! Dementia has become a global issue and hence it has affected nearly 4,25000 people in Australia. For the loved ones managing the sudden changes in behavior is stressful and confusing. However, you do need to find out the best solutions for them. There are several ways how dementia […]


Different level of Home Care Packages available in Australia

Thu Nov 14, 2019

Home care packages are available in four levels. These packages are framed to meet the requirements of individual personal circumstances on daily basis. On the aged care assessment, the examiner shall fluently discuss the present status of need and determine the best suited level to cope with the demand. The level of home care package […]


How is assessment done for the home care packages?

Thu Nov 7, 2019

Eligibility! Eligible! This what the agency says. But how exactly is assessment done for the home care packages. After face to face assessment, the care center shall send you a letter containing; the assessment decision- confirming your eligibility of the home care package. if eligible, the level of package you have selected must be approved. […]


An overview on the cost of the aged care support in Australia

Thu Oct 31, 2019

Aged care service is largely provided by the Australian Government programs (local, State, Commonwealth) from the voluntary and community sector, private and public sector and non-profit sector. The aged can access the mainstream services and support (health care, income support, and housing support) that are easily available to the whole population at a cost. Most […]


Caring for the elderly- What does age care mean?

Mon Oct 21, 2019

This whole year we have been living in our own terms and conditions. We have been doing stuffs, as per our own timings. The kind of work, fun, amusement everything was according to our will and wish, and out of no where the idea of living in an aged care center sounds rigid. Every one […]

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