Pros and Cons of Elderly Living With Family

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Are you in the dilemma of deciding whether to let your elderly family member move in with you? Knowing the pros and cons of elderly living with family can help you with this.

There are some universal ins and out to consider when making the decision.

When your parents approach old age, they may require elderly care to ensure that they can continue to live safely and securely.

In such situations, you may consider getting nursing home care to get the helpful care that your elderly loved one needs.

Moreover, it’s also understandable to have your elderly parents move into your home and live with you.

With all these various benefits, it is also critical to perceive that living with an elderly parent has drawbacks.

You should consider the fact that “Elderly people have to face many social problems faced by the elderly in our society when you are thinking of letting them live alone.”

Several factors, including health, economy, and general quality of life, should be carefully evaluated before making the decision.

However, you may be aware of the discrimination elderly people face now.

Yet, we say “Discrimination from society impact minor than from family, it’s better to stop stereotyping and misunderstanding their capabilities first before you start living with them.”

We recommend you consider the many pros and cons of elderly living with family.


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Pros of Elderly Living with Family




If your parents live separately in another house, given that elderly have no income and if you are the one paying utility bills, rent or mortgage payments, and other housing expenditures from a second household might be consolidated to save money.

Senior care homes do not come cheap, well. You gotta pay all those fees, insurance, and stuff.

Elderly moving with you saves your money from going out to nursing homes and senior care.


Family Time


This one may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless an essential benefit. Interacting with the family has several advantages for elders.

It can help to lessen the loneliness that many elders experiences, as well as offer a welcoming environment in which your loved one can feel valued and wanted.

One of the many advantages of having your older parent live with you is that you get to visit them more frequently and spend more quality time with them.

It also gives your children additional opportunities to get to know and bond with their grandparents if you have your children.

This can help to improve your family’s bonds and serve as an example of how you can give back to your parents.


Help With Daycare


If you have kids and want a daycare service for a child care, elderly people can offer good babysitting or pet-sitting relief.

Full-time daycare for children under the age of four costs an average of $9,589 per year, which is just under the average cost of in-state college tuition.

It is convenient to have a trustworthy and capable loved one at home to care for your children, preferably for free. Having your parents live with you can be a win-win situation, as it eliminates the need for daycare and allows your parents to enjoy the company of a young family.


Care Offered by Their Loved One


It might be reassuring to know that your loved one will be treated by someone you trust, whether that person is a family member or a family physician.

You won’t have to worry about the quality of their care because you’ll be able to observe it yourself.
As your parents get older, their time with you will certainly decrease. Time is such a valuable commodity that it is easy to overlook it.

When you have a hectic life, it’s tempting to put off spending meaningful time with your parents.

Living with them for the time they have left automatically provides you valuable time together.

Even better, your parents will be with their relatives, and time will seem to pass quickly.


Cons of Elderly Living With Family Members


Because this era is the melting point of new and old family values, some cons come with the elderly at home.


Financial Cost


When faced with the high costs of elderly care, families begin to consider whether bringing the senior into their home is a financially viable option.

There will be an increase in visible expenses, such as food, water bills, energy bills, and remodelling, with your parents at home.

You should also include the costs of their medical needs, clothing, and the time you’ll need to care for them while at work.

You may be concerned about the financial burden of bringing your parents home, despite your desire to do so.


Home Safety Modification


Your home may not be the best place for your older loved one’s mobility demands, and building a comfortable environment for them could be costly.

It may be necessary to create a wheelchair ramp, lower countertops, or make restroom changes.

Whatever improvements are required, they will not be cheap, and these renovations might cost thousands of dollars, also causing an impact on your property value when you need to sell it in the future.


Increased Responsibilities


This is perhaps the most obvious cons, just like “enjoying family time” above. Seniors often require some form of care to live safely.

Some elderly need little assistance, like helping prepare meals and transportation, while some senior citizens require full-time home care feeding meals, getting dressed, and using the bathroom.

You already make time for your job and your family. With an aging parent living with you, you may find yourself sacrificing any spare time you have to assist them.

It’s easy to grow stressed with all of these new duties. Caregiving is a difficult task in and of itself, so being stressed can make it more difficult to offer appropriate care.


Make an Informed Decision - Explore Pros and Cons Today

Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of elderly living with family to comprehensively understand what it entails. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make the best decision for your loved ones. Start now!




The level of privacy you enjoy in your house may shift as your family dynamic and living arrangements change.

Living with more people lowers the amount of space available to you and everyone else in your family.

Being a family caregiver is a demanding role. Family members are split between looking after their own families and looking after the elderly.




Everything has its pros and cons, and so does the elderly living with family.

Aging comes with lots of difficulties. It’s only natural that elderly people seek love and care at this phase of their lives, and they seek it most from their children and family.

Due to differences in values and generation, people these days might consider sending to nursing homes or senior citizen homes for the proper care they need.

Always keep in mind that they are your loved ones. You gotta love and support them as they will be resting soon.

Comment down your thoughts and share your experience about the pros and cons of the elderly living with a family with us. We are always here to listen to you.

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