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10 Best strategies for senior independent living at home

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When do you think of safe accommodation? 

Hmm, when you get old, or when you are ready to retire and want to live a stress-free life.  

A similar applies to your older adult who might find it challenging to choose from the many senior housing options available during a time of change in their living situation.  

In addition to aging at home, a nursing home can provide full-time care along with retirement accommodation also popularly known as senior independent living apartments.  

Your independent living options get narrowed down if you take account of the basics such as assisted living facilities or seniors’ houses. 


That way, you will not feel overwhelmed by the number of options. 


Considering how much help your older adult needs each day will determine the best senior independent living communities. Next, consider their budget. 

You can then focus on the types of senior housing that will meet their needs and budget by evaluating the available independent living options.  

The decision is usually based on the types of housing, their benefits, the system they operate, and their relative associated costs.  

Further, let’s also thank the technological advancements, for retiring independently is more viable than ever. You can find retirement homes that offer a variety of amenities and services that match your physical and emotional needs in any of the aged care independent living. 


However, many seniors are concerned about maintaining an independent lifestyle in senior independent living communities.  

So, learn how to do this to live a worry-free senior life and plan your move accordingly with the top 10 strategies for senior independent living at home.  


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What is senior independent living?


Housing arrangements for older adults, typically those over 55, are considered independent living arrangements.  

Apartments and detached single-family homes are popular senior apartments for independent living. Most older adults prefer more compact, easy-to-navigate housing which does not require maintenance work. 

In most communities, residents live independently while accessing amenities, activities, and services.  

These affordable independent living for seniors consists of recreational centres and clubhouses that offer social gatherings, art and craft workshops, continuing education classes, and movie nights for social integration with the community members.  

Depending on the facility, you can also expect the senior independent living retirement expect to find a swimming pool, fitness centre, tennis courts, a golf course, or clubs. In addition to spas, beauty salons, and housekeeping and laundry services, senior citizen independent living may also offer salons and stores.  

Most independent living facilities do not offer medical care or nursing staff since they are geared towards seniors who do not need daily assistance. Nevertheless, you can hire it separately if you need help in assisted living. 


What Kind of Person Would Be a Good Fit for Independent Living?


Independent living in Australia can be challenging when determining the suitability for your loved ones.  


Identifying high-quality aged care independent living usually makes the entire search easier. Independent living is a good option for: 


  • The elderly living alone seeks recreational and social activities. 
  • A senior who does not need regular medical attention 
  • A senior who requires assistance to continue their remaining life. 
  • A relaxed, convenient lifestyle for any retired seniors in Australia. 
  • Independent seniors seeking independent living units for rent with housekeeping services. 
  • Elderly who do not require assistance in daily living (ADLs (Assistance with Daily Living)), such as bathing, grooming dressing, and managing medications.  


What are the types of independent senior living available in Australia?


When it comes to retirement living, whether it is for yourself or a loved one, independent living units for aged care be daunting. So, for well-planned independent living for seniors, the Australian Government has developed well-planned retirement villages with aged care facilities. 


A rental village for the seniors


Seeking a safe, friendly atmosphere to spend time with like-minded people? Gated communities provide apartments for rent every week. Considering rental villages can be a good choice if minimal care (+ facilities) is needed and independence is essential. 


Assisted Living


What is better? A rental for pensioners or the changing circumstances or assisted living needs does not require any immediate shifting.  

A home care village is a combination of a retirement village with over 55 rentals and a nursing home that provides a quality of care that is of a high standard with the changing occupants over time.  

For high-level care, payments are typically structured like insurance policies for accommodation for the elderly to rent. As you age, you pay a weekly amount for the independent living units taken on rent.  


Retirement Villages


What is a retirement village? The retirement villages provide a sense of community and support ageing in Australia’s most popular retirement option. 

In addition to providing long-term residents with security, this living option allows them to avoid the hassles of maintaining the accommodation.  

Usually, there is no ownership for the village homes, as they are leased. As you enter the facility, you must pay a lump sum called the ‘ingoing contribution.’ You will use this money to pay your deferred management fees or departure fees when taking the senior citizen independent living service in any of the retirement villages.  


Care apartments


There are retirement communities in most of the destinations. 

Get the support you need to stay independent in a private, secure apartment with assistive living facilities.  

As opposed to an aged care facility, couples are allowed to reside together in a caring apartment. 


Plan Your Move - Master Senior Independent Living at Home!

Master the art of senior independent living with our top 10 strategies. Plan your move towards a worry-free and fulfilling lifestyle. Begin your journey now!


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)


Retirement communities planning to provide continuous care, are also known as life plan communities. They offer a diverse range of residential options, including independent living and nursing home care, under a single roof. 

 It is a solution where everyone benefits seniors, allowing them to maintain an active, social lifestyle while having access to medical care on-site, if necessary. 

 Moving from one facility to another is no longer necessary with any change in health or medication need.  

A single community provide residents with the convenience, comfort, and the ability to call the senior accommodation home for many years. 


Top 10 strategies for searching independent living homes for seniors


Following these given ten tips will help you find the answers you are looking for. The tips we provide will help you move forward in the right direction which we assure will help you in framing the right plan for independent living.  


So, start your search with these ten strategies that get well fit for your next accommodation: 


#1. Decide what your needs are


You must do this beforehand because it will determine your next steps and the level of care you will need. 

When you move to any independent aged care facility,  you must determine your required level of assistance.  

To correctly identify your care needs, write down any illnesses or conditions and specific items and tasks you might need help with. 

Also, consider your mental and physical health to find the best help for you.  

Differences exist between the needs of people with mobility issues and those with mild to moderate dementia symptoms. 

Once you have done that, you are ready to move.  


#2. Necessary home modifications & improvements


Having home modification support is necessary for seniors who are able to live independently at home. Removing hazardous items from your home is essential for safety, proper functionality, and healthy living environment. 

Downsize your stuff. It may be best to use downstairs rooms primarily for proper movement. So take up the accommodation with the ground-level bedroom. 

Make showers more accessible. Taking a shower can be challenging for seniors.  

It is also essential to incorporate comfortable furniture. A higher couch or chair can comfort your sitting position. 

No one can want their home to resemble a hospital. It is a straightforward attempt to make a massive difference in your safety by doing simple things that do not look like a big deal. 


#3. Include dietary guidelines


 Heart disease and diabetes – are the two common enemies of seniors – a healthy diet can help prevent several other health problems. 

You can take up the dietician’s advice for your healthy lifestyle. 

You can decrease your heart disease risk by reducing sodium and saturated fat intake. 


#4. Make exercise a part of your routine


Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle requires exercise. 

Establish a fitness routine which is more important than ever as you age if you want to live independently at home. 

Maintaining independence for a longer period requires you to be healthy, allowing you to perform daily activities alone. 


#5. Purchase every medical safety


As we age, we become increasingly dependent on medication. You and your family will benefit from increased independence, self-reliance, and peace of mind at senior independent living communities.  

Also including medical techs in accommodation allows the families to track their location with the in-built GPS, and medical monitoring software.  


#6. Involving in social recreations


Isolation and loneliness are familiar feelings among seniors. They lose their independence when trying to live at home independently due to their medical condition, which leads to several health problems. 

So, get involved in your community by joining programs, keeping your social circle active, and avoiding staying alone at home all day. 

Stay active by meeting up with friends, neighbours, and family. 


#7. Take the process slowly


A retirement community is a continually active place, which means you may find friends of similar nature.  

Be flexible as you need to adjust to your unfamiliar environment while establishing a daily routine and goals.  

Additionally, it would be best if you gradually get used to assisting living or senior accommodation by taking small and steady steps. 


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#8. Indulge in a stress-free life


An independent living facility can ease your stress by providing independence and professional assistance.  

They offer thoughtfully designed infrastructure, excellent health care, and preventive security measures in addition to a home-like environment. Find accommodation that meets all your basic requirements for daily living.  


#9. List the things you desire


Is there anything you absolutely must have?  

Make a list of everything you are not willing to compromise on when making this move. For instance a pet-friendly community or a community offering a comprehensive wellness program.  

A proper list would be a promising idea for you. Do not forget to include a guest suite for every visiting relative, a fitness centre with a pool, or an in-house bank or store. 


#10. Plan for the move.


Ask your loved ones questions about moving out or moving in before taking the process. 

Rather than rushing through this delicate process, pack and decide well in advance. Set aside time to help your elderly loved ones to sort through their belongings and decide what to keep, give away, and discard.  


Senior independent living is something you can accomplish. It will not take long for what once seemed overwhelming to turn into a decision-making process you can confidently handle. If you are not confident, you can take help from Wise Choice.  

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