How Community Education and Capacity Building Helping in Disability

Importance of Community Education and Capacity Building in Disability

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Community Education and Capacity Building may seem like similar terms but reciprocally they are different. They both have a different impact on disability.

Community education is said as “An effective way, making an awareness program to respond to the challenge of improving education at the international, national and local levels of society. It expands the traditional roles of public schools by creating relationships between home, school, and community.

At the core, Community Education is the potential for an individual and the entire community to become lifelong learners. It creates connections and critical thinking abilities to overcome the different difficulties facing disabled people in our society.

The practice of community education on disability can help us learn and understand:

  • How it may feel to have a disability
  • How to interact with someone who has a disability
  • How to reduce the fear of the unknown
  • How to recognize a person’s abilities
  • Proper terminology to use

Whereas, Capacity Building is influenced by enabling individuals, groups and communities to develop the confidence, understanding and skills required to influence decision-making and service delivery.

This could include enabling communities to provide and manage services to meet community demands.

Capacity building includes:

  • Engagement in community education,
  • Connections,
  • Abilities advancement,
  • Professions development,
  • Plan of responsive,
  • Development of programs and supports, and
  • Many more.

We are too familiar with the slogan “ Disability isn’t being disabled, but being specially-abled”.  That is where proper Community Education and capacity building stands for disability.


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What is Community Education in Disability?

Community Education works for members who educate, distribute information to and engage with communication.

It fulfils the purpose and mission of any organization that provides information on strategy and involvement in other support activities considered necessary to advance the order for community education.

This strategy helps organizations to:

  • Set and accomplish the knowledge-sharing goals specified.
  • Carry out training activities to inform network members on important and emerging community education topics.
  • Develop the capacity of network members to conduct quality education and awareness activities.
  • Identify topics of common interest to network members and develop recommendations for an organization.
  • Lead the network in involving people with disabilities from diverse cultures to participate in community education activities.

What is Capacity building for disability?

Capacity building is the program following the strengthening of community activities, including Community Education. It grants to support community organizations to provide programs and programs that respond to local demands and make a positive contribution to community development.

Capacity building is not a goal in itself. It is an approach that empowers individuals to access and create a life that is meaningful to them now and into the future.

It is an effort to support ethnic minority individuals with disabilities in their struggle for equality and justice.

Capacity building focus on:

  • To identify local community demands.
  • Encouraging organizations that bring about better services and service incorporation
  • Creating procedures that bring about better policies and management
  • Supporting organizations in the delivery of service to disabled people and disabled organizations.

Capacity Building is supporting individuals and families to practice their own decision and control and grow new types of relief and abilities that form freedom and cheerful, satisfying life.


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How do Community Education and Capacity Building help in Disability?

Community Education and Capacity Building encourages the increased use of community resources and volunteers to augment the basic education programs and develop education within the community and between schools and public and private service providers, business and industry, and civic and social service organizations.

It uses public education facilities as community service centers for meeting the educational, social, health, cultural and recreational needs of all ages and sectors of the community.

While it also develops an environment that promotes lifelong learning and helps to establish a procedure for the involvement of the community through educational planning and building ability for the community.

This performs a responsive community-based system for collective action by all educational community agencies to address community issues similarly in developing a system that facilitates home-school-community communication.

Final words:

There will be set out certain new open doors for new organizations, unions, individuals, and partnerships that are being worked with the community and authorized organizations may emerge from practice and have chances for heaps of opportunities instead of being system driven.

There is more use of Mobility advantages to make individualized travelling solutions for disabled people, yet there keep on being major organizational boundaries for the improvement of upgraded vehicles, especially administrators not having control over transport financial plans.

A variety of new activities would be set up with proper community education and capacity building with short-term funding.

The challenges will be all the difference for them which are faced currently. Probably the most individual-focused and comprehensive practices are in small projects and business plans with uncertain and divided financing. Supportability is a major issue.

Incorporated with further education and adult learning chances are as yet the exception, and supporting individuals to get to institution courses is an issue.

Therefore, Community Education and Capacity building are an expanded spotlight on local support and opportunities which is reducing dependence on transport and helping individuals with building maintainable connections and a feeling of having a place.

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