How does aged care empower the older people?

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Unlocking the full potential of our older generation involves creating a supportive environment that adapts to the dynamic shifts in demand for aged-care services. Despite seniors’ rich and diverse lives, these experiences can sometimes be overshadowed when they engage with such services.

Encouraging your ageing loved one to be energetic and stay active is no easy task. It’s not just mobility concerns that may hold them back, but fear of injury, harming themselves, lack of self-confidence, or even cognitive drop allied with ageing.

Contrary to some Western perspectives, many cultures rightly revere their older members, Recognising them as key decision-makers. In some cultures, these elders play vital roles in guiding communities. So, empowerment in aged care services becomes a cornerstone in preserving their quality of life, a gesture of immense value.

In this article, we’ll explore essential strategies to encourage and empower the older adults in your life, ensuring they thrive in their pursuits.


How Can Aged Care Help Older People Stay Active and Feel Empowered?

Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles in older adults

Aged care can promote healthy and active lifestyles among older individuals without compromising quality and safety. This involves implementing personalised exercise plans that consider their physical abilities and preferences. Incorporating activities like gentle exercises, walking programs, and group fitness classes tailored to their needs fosters physical well-being.


Brainstorming fun activities to help them stay active

It’s really important for people in your life to engage in enjoyable activities, which is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle. Aged home care providers can organise various recreational activities, such as dancing, gardening, hobby clubs, puzzles and games to help keep their brains active. Creating diverse options ensures that individuals with different interests find activities that resonate with them.

Fun activities for seniors can include:

  • Delicate yoga or chair yoga
  • Helping in preparing meals
  • Taking a walk (or roll)
  • Visiting a conservatory or greenhouse
  • Low-impact weight lifting
  • Encouraging dancing or singing
  • Watching a show or performance together

Even if a physical weakness or mental decrease affects an older individual, routine exercise can fight coronary illness, encourage a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, improve balance and coordination, reverse bone discomfort, and many more.


Offering the right amount of help and assistance

Providing appropriate support is crucial in empowering older adults. Aged care home services should assess individual needs and deliver the right level of assistance. This might involve aiding with mobility, ensuring safety during physical activities, and offering encouragement to boost confidence in maintaining an active lifestyle.

The natural social isolation of ageing is often exacerbated by physical limitations, making it challenging for seniors to connect with others. Leveraging technology can significantly ease this difficulty. Encourage your loved one to stay associated with family through regular video calls, like setting up a weekly Skype date with grandchildren.


Assist them in connecting with others.

The natural social isolation of ageing is often exacerbated by physical limitations, making it challenging for seniors to connect with others. Leveraging technology can significantly ease this difficulty. Encourage your loved one to stay associated with family through regular video calls, like setting up a weekly Skype date with grandchildren.

Additionally, helping them navigate social media platforms like Facebook enables them to reconnect with relatives and old friends, fostering communication through sharing, messaging, commenting, and viewing photos, which helps to create close connections with your loved one. The internet also provides a platform for seniors to discover and engage with like-minded individuals, joining local senior groups with shared interests for occasional meetups.


Find more straightforward approaches to get anything accomplished

Simplicity is vital when assisting older individuals in their daily tasks. Aged care providers can implement user-friendly technologies, simplify routines, and provide clear instructions to make lessons more manageable. This ensures that older adults can navigate their daily lives with confidence and ease.


Help them to help other people.

Empowering older individuals to contribute to the well-being of others not only enhances their sense of purpose but also positively impacts their mental well-being. Giving back has been shown to reduce stress and contribute to an overall positive mindset, regardless of age.

Recognising that their actions can positively influence others reinforces a sense of significance and empowerment in older adults. It fosters a connection to the community, and they can continue making meaningful contributions while maintaining an active social life. While helping them, you must also ensure they are treated as people, not just as a ‘resident’, ‘client’ or ‘patient’.


Nail down the diurnal plan

A well-organised daily schedule is beneficial for seniors to manage their day effectively. Establishing specific times for waking up, dressing, toileting, dental care, medication, meals, exercise, and bedtime provides structure and stability for your loved one. This structured daily routine not only fosters positivity and confidence but also grants them a sense of empowerment and independence while allowing them to participate in the planning process actively.

Knowing, for instance, that they have a designated period, such as 2 to 3:30 pm, for exercise or leisure empowers seniors to proactively choose activities or outings during that time. This approach encourages a sense of autonomy and purpose, contributing to a more fulfilling and satisfying daily life for your loved one.


What are the Considerations for Empowering the Elderly in Aged Care?

Modifications to prepare their home for ageing in place

Ensuring that the living environment is conducive to ageing is crucial for empowering older people. This involves making necessary modifications to their home, such as installing grab bars, ramps, and handrails to enhance accessibility. Adapting the house to accommodate mobility aids and creating a safe and comfortable living space promotes independence and empowers older individuals to continue residing in familiar surroundings.


Considering Part-time Help

Part-time assistance can play a significant role in empowering older adults. It’s important to consider options for part-time help, whether through in-home care services or support from family members and friends when they might not need enough use to warrant living in an aged care residence. This assistance can address specific needs, such as household chores, transportation, or companionship, allowing older individuals to maintain independence while receiving necessary support.


Empowerment through support with self-dressing and personal care tasks

Providing support with self-dressing and personal care tasks is key to empowering older adults in aged care. This assistance can be tailored to individual needs, fostering a sense of dignity and autonomy. By respecting their preferences and offering help when needed, aged care services contribute to the overall well-being of older individuals and enhance their ability to carry out daily activities.



Empowering older people through the use of assistive devices and home modifications

Utilising assistive devices and implementing home modifications is essential for empowering older individuals in aged care. This includes providing access to mobility aids, hearing aids, and other assistive technologies that enhance functional independence. Home modifications, such as adjusting the height of countertops or installing smart home devices, contribute to a safer and more manageable living environment, empowering older people to navigate their daily lives confidently.


Remember Us

As we navigate the evolving landscape of aged care, Wise Choice IHC invites you to join us in championing the cause of empowering our elderly loved ones. Explore the personalised strategies mentioned in this article, and consider how these principles can be incorporated into the care and support provided to older individuals.

Whether you’re a family member, caregiver, or a part of the aged care community, let’s collectively embrace a mindset that celebrates the resilience and vibrancy of our senior population. Wise Choice IHC encourages you to advocate for removing disempowerment in aged care and fostering an environment where they receive care and truly thrive in their pursuits.

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