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Coronavirus is also mentioned as a novel coronavirus or Covid-19 and is a respiratory illness that was first declared in December 2019 in China (Wuhan City)and has unfurled all over the world.

There are presently verified cases of coronavirus in Australian states, and areas’ conditions are rapid. Coronavirus is likely to spread from one to another, and signs vary from a low cough and cold to pneumonia.

There is a high risk of coronavirus illness in people aged over 70. Older people and aged care providers are more liable to serious complications if they are infected with this disease.

The instruction represents information and statistics on coronavirus in aged care services conditions in Australia and other countries. It shows the duty of the Australian, territory, and state governments and aged careers in responding to this serious illness.

The Health Department has announced the following recommendation for aged people and their careers.

COVID Statistics:

The health department publishes everyday improvements in the cases of coronavirus cases and death in Australia. As of 8 June 2020, there had been 99 cases of coronavirus among people receiving Australian government-subsidized aged care 68 of these were nursing residents and 31 were people getting care in their own house. Of these cases, 27 nursing house residents and three house care recipients had died. Aged care recipients reported for 1.4% of all Covid-19 cases in Australia, but 29.4% of covid-19 deaths.

Most of the covid-19 aged care deaths have occurred in a bunch at two Sydney nursing houses: new march house in Kingwood and Dorothy Henderson lodge in Macquarie Park. Staff in both nursing houses were also infected. As of 2020 May 26, 31 nursing houses had had cases or outbreaks.

The Things that Seniors Can Take to Protect Themselves in This Pandemic

First of all, it is necessary to take into consideration how you can decrease your risk of catching coronavirus. Everyone’s condition is different, but there are some effective steps that all can implement:

  • Talk with your family about the possible risks to your health if you were to get COVID-19 and how you can reduce the risks of getting it.
  • Download the application named “COVIDSafe” on your smartphone.
  • Consider your health when determining whether to go out into your society. If you’re feeling ailing, stay home, don’t go outside.
  • If you have cold signs, get tested.
  • If you choose to go out in public remember:
    • Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters
    • Practice sanitizing and washing your hand after any chores.

Measure that aged care is taking to protect you

The delivery of care and support services are important at any time, even during a pandemic. This is why aged care suppliers must transform to continue giving aged care services. As the top priority, everyone’s safety and health included must be the main consideration. Remember, no one is permitted to work in aged care if they are showing signs of coronavirus, and examination has raised so that any aged care with signs are being tested for coronavirus.

Aged care providers who offer services for aged people in the house must follow a suggestion to avert the extent of Covid-19. Though, under the present recommendations, they must hygiene their hands before and after any physical contact or contact with the environment and equipment. Aged care worker must follow a social distancing of 1.5 meters when they’re giving care and support until the care need physical contact, such as help with showering. And all parties included must practice cough etiquette, and sneeze.

Moreover, aged care supporter must make sure that the aged care team are following the guideline and recommendation when using personal protective equipment. This involves masks, gloves, gowns, and face/eye shields. The care providers must ensure that their workforce is competently trained and educated when it comes to COVID-19 suggestions.

The aged person advocacy network recommends that “service providers discuss and review the care plan of the person receiving their services” at the moment to reflect the present conditions. Now more than ever aged care service providers must stay linked with their customers, adapting services based on changes to suggestions from the federal and state governments.

Following Self-Isolation

It’s so crucial to continue to get your in-house care support, there may be measures that you can take to decrease contact with others. That is why it’s recommended that you have your care plan followed at this time. We have some cases below to help you understand how you might need to adapt your service package to match the present situation:

You might not be able to do your shopping, and thus, you get shopping as part of your care plan. Some people have a career person who takes shopping. At this care, you could think of staying at the house, giving your support person a shopping list, and having them do the shopping for you without you having to leave home. When they come house with your things, you might be able to unpack them yourself, but if not, ensure you keep your 1.5-meter distance from them while they support you.

You might have a physiotherapist visit you at the house once a week to help with your strength, fate, and balance. There is some new option available to have a contactless, related health service house. Speak with your home care service plan manager about helping you to access telehealth services, where you can still get allied health support, but alternately in person, it’s through video conferencing or telephone.

Home care and telehealth services

Telehealth s when telecommunications are used to give telemedicine, medical education, and health education. This necessarily means that you’re able to enter health care services without having to leave your home.

Because aged Australians are lately socially isolated due to the coronavirus, telehealth has become a valid pathway to get health care services Australia-wide.

You can use this service for an arrangement with your local practitioner and other different services and support like physiotherapy, exercise physiology, and psychology. The primary thing is to talk with your service provider and ask them if they provide telehealth.

Protect yourself in this pandemic

The assumption s that your aged care team uses cleaning and cough protocol, but it’s also your best prevention from grabbing COVID-19. By sanitizing, washing, and cleaning your hands before and after contact, maintaining 1.5 meters distance from otters, and following good cough etiquette, you’ll remarkably decrease your danger of contracting the virus.

Also, consider living in the house as much as possible at the moment and avoid having unwanted visitors to your house. If you do require to have people in your house or you do want to go out of the home, do your best to avoid physical contact with others.

Consider house delivery of suggested medications, groceries, and other necessary items where you can. If you want help maintaining these services, you can speak to your care package manager or others to help you get started.

Family members and friends can also help

Relatives and friends can also help protect older adults from coronavirus.

  • If you are ill, stay at home. Don’t visit friends and family if you are unwell.
  • If you have cold or flu-like signs, get tested.
  • If you are visiting family members or friends, sanitize and clean any things you are trying to take with you, including gifts.
  • Look for other ways of staying in touch with their friends and family in aged care services.
  •  If you are worried about the health of the older adult family member or friends, inspire them to contact doctors. Suggest to them the telehealth arrangement instead of a face-to-face checkup or meetings.


It is necessary to take appropriate steps to save yourself or your older adult. There can be more ways and things to do during coronavirus that you can consult with your doctor or care service providers.

Feel free to contact us for enquiries and share your issues we will try to help you with the best solution.

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