How is assessment done for the home care packages?

Eligibility! Eligible! This what the agency says. But how exactly is assessment done for the home care packages.

After face to face assessment, the care center shall send you a letter containing;

  • the assessment decision- confirming your eligibility of the home care package.
  • if eligible, the level of package you have selected must be approved.
  • the evidence and reason supporting your decision.
  • a support plan developed during the assessment period.

Eligibility for the home care package – what’s next?

Demand for the home care package is increasing. Though you are approved for the package, you might have to wait before getting assigned.

Expected wait time for the home care package

No instant approval is given for the Home Care Packages level. The expected time for the home care packages is;

Level 1 – 3-6 months

Level 2 – 12 + months

Level 3 – 12 + months

Level 4 – 12+ months

Level of priority

No existence of biasness. The packages are allocated fairly based on the priority level and date of approval (as stated in the letter by the Age Care Assessment Team).  For high urgency you will be kept on the priority level.

Along with the level of package, the letter also indicates the service receiving date. After quick assessment on the urgency level the package shall be assigned.

However, if you are not at all satisfied with the allocated level, you can appeal for the decision. The obtained letter shall consist of your assessor’s contact details.

How to find out the waiting period for the home care package service?

You have only two ways to find out the information of priority level and the expected wait time;

  • Connecting with Wise Choice in Home Care at 02 8704 6271.
  • Logging into client record using My Gov.

How can one avail for the care package sooner?

Beneath are the few options you can explore to get the assistance earlier.

Interim packages

An interim package allows you to get help earlier and sooner. The waiting period is comparatively shorter. Once agreed to the interim package, you can expect the home care package service much earlier.

Before opting the package, the assessor shall discuss the assessment. Once you are convinced, you shall be placed in the national priority system until the package level is available

Waiting period for the interim package level

Approved package levelMinimum Interim PackageWaiting time period
Level 1Not availablen/a
Level 2Level 13-6 months
Level 3Level 13-6 months
Level 4Level 212+ months

How to figure out the availability of the home care packages?

  • A letter shall be sent to you to get ready three months earlier before you receive the package.
  • You shall get a confirming letter regarding the assigned package including the referral code, assessment information, package level and support plan.
  • From the date of receiving the letter, you will have 56 days stored for you to enter into the Home Care Agreement, if you fail to do so, the package shall expire.
  • If you fail to acknowledge it on time, make sure to contact the Wise Choice in Home Care and appeal for 28 days additional extension.

What if you don’t want Home Care Package after making an appeal?

There may be several reasons stored to it. By now you may be managing your stuff by yourself without any support or you have taken help from your family members or the interim package which you took is severing all your needs.

If you are no longer in need of the package you can contact at 02 8704 6271 and inform them.

Not eligible – what can be done?

After the assessment, if you are stated to be in eligible than, the letter under your name will brief out the reasons of why, and who to contact.

Though you might be rejected for the applied ones, you can be eligible for the other available services. Explore the Commonwealth Home Support Programs, you can also avail for private services.

Wise Choice in Home Care is family owned care center offering care service to aged, NDIS, consumer directed care and disability service. Contact us to know more about the price and services included in the packages.

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