What does a level 4 home care package include?

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Finding the right balance between your job, family, and personal well-being can be difficult in today’s fast-paced world. When it comes to the care and support of your loved ones, ensuring their comfort, safety and quality of life becomes predominant. That is where the Level 4 Home Care Package offers lifeline assistance to your aged family member.

Home Care Packages (HCP) are tailored to individual needs and come in four distinct levels. Funded by the Australian government, these four levels of home care range from Level 1, catering to basic care requirements, to Level 2 for low-level care, Level 3 for intermediate care needs, and Level 4 for those with high-level care necessities. Prioritising the diverse needs of individuals, HCPs offer support across these four levels, from the fundamental Level 1 to the advanced care of Level 4.

Let us discover the comprehensive support and range of services offered by Level 4 Home Care Packages to determine if it is the right choice for you or your loved one’s advanced care needs.

What is a Level 4 Home Care Package?

Level 4 Home care package encompasses a wide range of home care services and supports designed to cater for individuals with complex care needs, typically for senior Australians. The Level 4 HCP is tailored to address complex care requirements, ensuring you receive the necessary in-home care making your everyday tasks easier. With the Level 4 package, you can be independent at home with services such as personal care assistance, physical activities, social activities, nursing services and many more. This package provides a prominent level of funding and resources to maintain your well-being and independence within the comfort of your own home.

What does a level 4 home care package include?

The main aim of the Level 4 home care package is to provide a person-centred care plan to meet the specific requirements of older people, ultimately enhancing their overall health and well-being. Here is the list of key components included in this package.

  1. Personal Care Assistance: Elderly people get assistance with daily living activities such as transferring in and out of bed, bathing, grooming, dressing and mobility. Trained care worker provides this level of support based on individual requirements.
  2. Household Assistance: Home care providers help with household tasks which include cleaning and laundry. This home help service aims to ensure a safe and well-maintained living.
  3. Nutrition and meal preparation: Support is provided for meal planning and preparation, ensuring that the individual’s dietary needs, including specialised diets or nutritional requirements, are met.
  4. Complex Nursing Care: Older people get specialised nursing services such as continuous monitoring of vital signs, wound care, precise medication management, and the coordination of medical appointments.
  5. Transport and shopping assistance: The care provider offers support with transportation for vital activities such as medical appointments, grocery shopping, and essential errands, ensuring that the care recipient can access crucial services while preserving their independence.
  6. Allied Health Service: Based on individual needs, the Level 4 care package access an allied health professional like physiotherapists, podiatry, dietitians and others focusing on rehabilitation, mobility enhancement, communication improvement and dietary management.
  7. Social Support and Companionship: The carer supports the individual in social engagement that includes tasks of transportation assistance, help in participating in community activities and assistance in pursuing hobbies and interests.
  8. Garden maintenance: Caregivers ensure a secure and neatly maintained living space by tending to various garden tasks, including lawn mowing, plant pruning, weeding, watering, and overall garden upkeep.
  9. Care Coordination and Case Management: Home care providers are dedicated to offering care coordination and case management by assessing individual needs, and care plans, monitoring the care recipient’s progress and ensuring its effectiveness.
  10. Continence Management: The care providers will address individual needs, manage incontinence products, implement strategies to support continence, and ensure comfort and dignity for those who require it.
  11. Respite Care: Respite care services are available to provide temporary relief for caregivers, ensuring that those who provide care can take breaks and recharge.
  12. Additional Services and Extra Assistance: Depending on specific needs, additional services like dementia therapy or cognitive support are provided to enhance the overall care and well-being of the elderly.

Unleash the Benefits - Level 4 Home Care Package!

Explore the comprehensive support and services included in the Level 4 Home Care Package. Find out if it’s the perfect fit for your loved one’s high-level care needs. Unleash the benefits today!

How do you qualify for Level 4 Home Care?

To qualify for an HCP Level 4, you must be at least 65 years old or, if you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, 50 years or older. This qualification ensures you receive the necessary assistance to live safely in your home. Eligibility for the Home Care Level 4 package is determined through an assessment process carried out by an Australian Government agency. To be eligible for the Level 4 package, you must undergo an evaluation by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This team assesses various factors, including your health conditions, functional capabilities, and any specific care needs. Senior citizens with high care needs, such as those with dementia, hearing or visual impairments, and continence management issues, typically meet the criteria for a Level 4 care package.

Who are: Aged Care Specialist Officers? 


Is Home Care Package Level 4 Right for You? 

If you are in your senior years or dealing with injuries, considering Level 4 Home Care is a prudent decision. However, to ensure it is the right choice, start by consulting with an Aged Care Assessment Team to discuss your particular care needs and evaluate whether a Home Care Package Level 4 is the right fit for you or not.

Examine your budget to see if you can contribute to the costs of the Home Care Package Level 4 so that you can be financially suitable for the Level 4 package. Even with certain government subsidies, income-tested care fees may apply depending on your financial situation. Level 4 Home care may be a good fit for you if you value comfort and prefer to receive high care needs in your own home.


Make an Informed Choice - Level 4 Home Care Package!

Gain insights into the support and services provided by the Level 4 Home Care Package. Make an informed decision about the right choice for your loved one’s high-level care needs. Discover the options available today!


How much is a Level 4 home care package? (Expenses and Subsidies)

Home Care Packages are funded care services affordable and offer more services than the Commonwealth home support program, with government funding or contributions increasing yearly to support individuals with high care requirements. The subsidy amount varies depending on whether you have to pay an income-tested care fee or the level of the package and is paid directly to the approved provider.

The exact amount of government assistance for your Home Care Package funds will be determined during an income assessment. Starting from July 2023, Level 4 Home Care Packages receive a government subsidy of $2,292.08 per fortnight.

Engaging in a fee discussion with your selected healthcare provider will aid in determining your package subsidy, which will cover various expenses, including basic daily fees, income-tested fees, package management fees, service fees, mortgage payments and payments for permanent accommodations.

How can I find a Home Care Package Level 4 Provider?

Selecting the right Home Care Package Level 4 provider is a crucial process that begins with an assessment carried out by an ACAT assessor. Once assessed, you can utilise the My Aged Care website to find approved providers in your area based on location and care level. Additionally, you can seek referrals from healthcare professionals, friends, or family for recommendations.

Subsequently, contact potential providers, inquire about their services and fees, and request references from their clients. If feasible, arrange visits to the providers and conduct interviews to gain insights into their caregiving approach. Ultimately, the option for a Level 4 provider in whom you have confidence to meet either your or your loved one’s care requirements.

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Make an Informed Choice - Level 4 Home Care Package!

Gain insights into the support and services provided by the Level 4 Home Care Package. Make an informed decision about the right choice for your loved one’s high-level care needs. Discover the options available today!

What is the difference between Level 4 and Level 3 home care packages?

The primary distinction between Level 4 and Home Care Level 3 Packages is the extent of care and support they offer. Here are some key differences between the two levels of Home Care.

  1. Level of Care: Individuals with more complex care needs and higher medical requirements can benefit from Level 4 Care Packages. These packages provide extensive support for daily living activities. On the other hand, Level 3 packages offer a lower level of care.
  2. Funding: The government provides more funding for Level 4 care packages than Level 3 packages, resulting in more comprehensive services and support for individuals who receive Level 4 packages.
  3. Services: A Home Care Level 4 Package offers a comprehensive range of services, such as complex nursing care, specialised therapies, and additional support for high-level care needs. On the other hand, a Level 3 package provides a lower level of service coverage.
  4. Costs: Both Level 3 and Level 4 aged care packages may require you to pay income-tested care fees depending on your financial status. However, Level 4 packages generally involve higher fees due to the increased funding and services provided to the recipient.


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