Aged Care Assessment: Common Questions and Answers

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If you are considering registering for Government-funded Home Care through My Aged Care, you may be aware that a face-to-face Aged Care Assessment is required to determine your eligibility. This assessment process may seem daunting at first, but there is no need to worry! Wise Choice is right here to guide you through the process and ensure you are well-prepared.

Remember that you have the option to have a family member, carer, or friend present during your assessment. Their presence can provide you with support and reassurance throughout the process. Additionally, if you wish, you can even appoint a trusted family member or friend as your My Aged Care representative. This allows them to act on your behalf for ongoing interactions with the aged care assessment team. If you have any questions or concerns leading up to the assessment, you can contact My Aged Care.


Common questions and answers related to Aged Care Assessment

1. What preparations are necessary for an assessment?

To prepare for an assessment, it is important to have the following ready:

  • Your Medicare number and a copy of any referrals from your doctor, if applicable.
  • Any relevant information or documents that you would like to discuss with the assessor.
  • The contact details of your GP or another health professional involved in your care.
  • Information about the current support you receive, including any documentation or details.
  • Identification proof, such as your Medicare card and another form of ID.
  • Medical and care information, including referrals, contact details, and support information.
  • If needed, any support people you may require present, such as a family member, trusted friend, or translator.
  • Any questions or information you would like to discuss regarding the care and support you may receive.

Ensure a thorough and accurate Aged Care Assessment with the help of Wise Choice‘s experienced team.


2. What happens when you apply for an assessment?

When you apply for an assessment, a trained assessor will guide you through the process. They will gather information about your needs, abilities, and goals. This may include discussing your current support, health, lifestyle, daily tasks, home and personal safety concerns, and family/community engagement.

Based on this assessment, the assessor will work with you to develop a personalised support plan that addresses your strengths, difficulties, goals, and preferences for services. The outcome of the assessment will inform the support plan and guide future care and assistance provision.


3. How long will it take to find out if you are eligible for the services?

In general, you can expect to find out the outcome of your assessment within a few weeks. The outcome of your assessment will be communicated to you in a letter. This letter will provide you with information regarding your eligibility status and the level of care or services you are eligible for. If you have not received your assessment outcome letter within a reasonable timeframe, it is advisable to contact My Aged Care to follow up on the status of your application.


4. Does an Assessment cost you anything?

No! An assessment typically does not cost anything. Assessments are usually provided as part of the healthcare system or social services, and there is no direct charge to the individual undergoing the assessment.


5. What is the difference between ACAT and RAS?

ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) and RAS (Regional Assessment Service) are both assessment processes in Australia’s aged care system. ACAT assessments are conducted for higher-level care needs, such as residential aged care, while RAS assessments are for lower-level care needs, such as home care packages. ACAT assessments are more comprehensive and conducted by a multidisciplinary team, whereas RAS assessments are simpler and typically conducted by a single assessor.


Get personalised assistance and advocacy from Wise Choice for a successful Aged Care Assessment outcome.


Individual Questions to Prepare for an ACAT Assessment

The ACAT assessment is a standard procedure to determine your eligibility for Government-funded home care services, and it is an important step towards accessing the support you need. In that process, older people may be asked a range of questions to assess their care needs and determine their eligibility for aged care services.

Here are some common questions that may be asked in an ACAT assessment:


1. Personal Information:

  • Can you please provide your full name, date of birth, and current address?
  • Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident?
  • What is your preferred language or language spoken?


2. Medical History:

  • Do you have any chronic medical conditions or ongoing health concerns?
  • Can you provide a list of medications you take regularly?
  • Have you had any recent hospitalisations or surgeries?
  • Are you allergic to any medications or have any sensitivities?


3. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs):

  • Are you able to independently perform tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and grooming?
  • Do you require any assistance or aids for mobility, such as walking frames or wheelchairs?
  • Are there any difficulties you face with managing your medications or healthcare needs?


4. Cognitive Function:

  • Do you have any memory problems or issues with decision-making?
  • Are you currently able to manage your finances independently?
  • Have you experienced any confusion or disorientation?
  • Do you need any assistance with organising appointments or managing your schedule?


5. Support Network:

  • Do you have family members or friends who provide support or assistance to you?
  • Are there any formal or informal caregivers involved in your care?
  • Are you connected with any community services or support groups?


6. Housing and Safety:

  • Are you living alone, with family, or in a residential facility?
  • Do you have any safety concerns or hazards in your home environment?
  • Are there any modifications or equipment needed to support your mobility or ensure your safety?


7. Mental Health and Emotional Well-being:

  • Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of anxiety, depression, or loneliness?
  • Have you recently undergone significant life changes or experienced any losses?
  • Are there any social activities or hobbies that you enjoy or would like to participate in?


If you have any concerns or questions leading up to the assessment, don’t hesitate to reach out to Wise Choice! We are here to assist you and provide guidance throughout the process!
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Simplify your Aged Care Assessment journey with Wise Choice’s professional guidance!

Once you have successfully registered with My Aged Care, either through the convenient online self-service form or by speaking to a representative over the phone, they will refer you to an assessment service agency. Within approximately three weeks, you can expect the agency to contact you to schedule a convenient time for a face-to-face assessment.

During the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment, a qualified assessor from the ACAT will visit you to discuss your care needs and determine your eligibility for Government-funded aged care services. This is an essential step in accessing services such as Home Care Packages, respite care, short-term care options or aged care support.

Take the stress out of Aged Care Assessment by relying on Wise Choice for comprehensive support and guidance. Our compassionate team understands the challenges and emotions involved in the assessment process. We will provide the support you need, offering guidance, reassurance, and advocacy throughout the assessment journey, so you can make confident and well-informed decisions about your aged care options.


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