What are the Home Care Package Supplements? Can I Get Extras?

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Home Care Package Supplements are additional supports and services available to you as a recipient of a Home Care Package. These supplements aim to enhance the level of care provided and ensure that you receive the necessary support to maintain a high quality of life. Examples of supplements include those for dementia and cognition, mental health conditions in veterans, and additional funding for individuals in rural and remote areas. Let’s learn about it in more detail!

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Guide to the Home Care Package Supplements

The Australian Government’s Department of Health and Aged Care provides supplements to approved providers in order to alleviate the financial burden of meeting specific care needs.

If you or your loved ones are an eligible individual in need of care, these supplements will be paid on your behalf. This provision aims to assist you in covering the costs associated with your specific care requirements, ultimately ensuring that you receive the necessary support for your well-being.

To whom are the Supplements available?

A home care package is a coordinated package of care and services that is tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual who wishes to remain living at home. If you have already received the package, chances are you are eligible for the supplements, too. These supplements provide additional funding to assist with specific needs.

To be eligible for the supplements, you must meet different criteria for each range of supplements. The rates for the main supplements and the viability supplement are adjusted annually on July 1st. You can see the most up-to-date rates, from the Schedule of Subsidies and Supplements.

Let’s dive into the range of supplements you could be eligible for from your Home Care Packages!

Dementia and Cognition Supplements

The Dementia and cognition supplement assists in covering the expenses associated with providing care if you have moderate to severe cognitive impairment resulting from conditions such as dementia.


  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Background: You must score 22 or lower on the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Living in rural or remote areas): You must score 33 or lower on the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (KICA-Cog)
  • All other care recipients:


As a reliable home care provider based in NSW, WIse Choice will conduct a thorough assessment and help you determine your eligibility for these services. You can directly Contact Us if you think you are eligible for this supplement.

Top-up Supplement

The Top-up supplement complements the dementia and cognition supplement. It is intended for you if you previously had an EACH-D package and have been transferred to a home care package level 4 package. This is specifically for you if you have severe cognitive impairment resulting from dementia or other conditions.


  • The Australian government checks the eligibility and pays the top-up supplement to providers on behalf of eligible care recipients who received an EACH-D package before 1 August 2013.

(Note: Any change in funding levels does not disadvantage those people under home care packages)

Enteral Feeding Supplement

The Enteral feeding supplement is a primary supplement designed to provide support if you or your loved ones require enteral feeding due to medical necessity.


  • Care recipients who require enteral feeding.
  • Nutrients are administered through a tube in the nose, stomach, or small intestine. (Not Payable for Oral dietary formulas, food supplements, or additional oral intake.)
  • Documentation Required for Claim:
    1. Doctor’s written certification of the care recipient’s enteral feeding needs.
    2. Doctor’s or dietician’s written certification of the nutritionally complete prescribed dietary formula.
    3. Details of the care recipient’s enteral feeding requirements are found in written certification, care plan, hospital discharge papers, or dietician’s instructions.

(Note: Enteral feeding recipients may qualify for the Essential Medical Equipment Payment, potentially impacting government aid and equipment schemes. This is related to other supplements as well.)

Oxygen Supplement

The Oxygen supplement is a primary form of support provided to you if you require ongoing oxygen therapy due to medical needs.


  • You must have a long-term medical need for continuous oxygen therapy. (Supplement not applicable for emergencies or short-term illnesses like bronchitis.)
  • A certificate from a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner is needed, specifying your:
    1. Oxygen requirements
    2. Continual need for oxygen administration


Please feel free to Contact Us at Wise Coice to discuss your eligibility and explore the available supplements.

Veteran’s Supplement

The purpose of the Veterans Supplement is to assist in covering the expenses associated with caring if you are a veteran and have a mental health condition linked to your service.


  • You must be a veteran.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) must recognise that your mental health condition is connected to your service.

(Note: If you qualify for both the veterans’ supplement and the dementia and cognition supplement, Care Services Australia will only provide you with the veterans’ supplement.)


Get in touch with us to navigate the complexities of Home care package supplements. We are right here to assist you!

Viability Supplement

The purpose of this supplement is to assist you with the increased expenses associated with delivering aged care services in rural and remote areas.


  • Eligibility is determined based on the location where the care recipient receives services.
  • Modified Monash Model (MMM): Since 1 January 2017, the MMM suburb and locality classification has been used. Higher ratings (MMM 4 or higher) indicate eligibility for the supplement.
  • Transition for Pre-2017 Recipients: For recipients who started packages before 1 January 2017, the Accessibility and Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) is still used.
    (However, the MMM will be considered if it provides a higher rating or if the care recipient relocates to a new location.)

Financial Hardship Supplement

The Financial hardship supplement provides you with assistance if you are facing financial hardship and are unable to pay your aged care fees and charges due to circumstances beyond your control.


You will not be eligible if:

  • You have not undergone an aged care means assessment, which calculates your care costs.
  • Your assets, excluding unrealisable assets, exceed $42,771.30.
  • You have made gifts exceeding $10,000 in the past 12 months or more than $30,000 in the previous 5 years.

Access Home Care Package supplements with a trusted Aged Care Provider!

In addition to the core home care services provided through your Home Care Package, there are various supplements available to address specific circumstances and enhance the level of care provided. The supplements mentioned above aim to ensure that you receive the necessary support to maintain a high quality of life.

Trusted home care package providers like Wise Choice are important since we have the expertise to assess your care needs and provide appropriate supplements. We prioritise your safety, adhere to quality standards, and coordinate complete care. With a person-centred approach, we ensure you receive the highest quality care for a fulfilling and meaningful life at home.


Reach out to us if you believe the supplements mentioned could enhance your care experience. Take the first step towards a higher quality of life.

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